Jonathan Van Ness Does An Instagram Deep Dive On Queer Eye's Fab Five

"Honestly, if I had to pick a way to die, I would want to be smothered in his buttcheeks."

One of the best thing about Netflix's Queer Eye Fab Five — Tan, Antoni, Karamo, Bobby, and Antoni — is that they are BFFs in real life. You can see it on their Instagram accounts: They're always commenting on each other's fire selfies or perfect #OOTDs. It's so beautiful!!!

If you're a Fab Five fiend, here's your opportunity to see what it's like to be in the crew. We've asked them to Insta-stalk their on-screen BFFs. This time, it's Jonathan Van Ness. Find out whose hair look he doesn't approve of, whose yoga alignment he think needs tweaking, whose face he wants to eat sashimi off (?????), and more bestie thoughts right here.

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