Now's Your Chance To Own An Original Piece Of "Mad Men"

The show prided itself on being authentic to its era — and this week thousands of its pitch-perfect set pieces are hitting the auction block.

Courtesy of AMC

Man Men was a unique show, thanks to its vivid characters and mesmerizing storytelling — but also its commitment to sets that were uber authentic to the midcentury time period. The show had spot-on, stylish props that were almost as fun to look at as the actors.

The series recently ended, much to the chagrin of die-hard fans, but there's still bits and pieces of the Mad Men universe to go around. On July 31, 2015, over a thousand props will be — and the selection is a vintage lover's goldmine. A word of warning: Though the bidding starts low (like, low), we imagine prices will rise quickly, and there's a steep buyer's premium to boot. Still, it's fun to window shop.

Here are some of our favorites from the group. Ah, memories...

1. Joan's Bar Cart

If there was one trend that Mad Men certainly reignited, it was the mandate that every home have a .


2. Don's Silver Barware

There were loads of clinking glasses on the show, and we highly admire Don's shiny.


3. Andy's Fan

This vintage light blue offered an unexpected element to a tense scene.


4. Ginsberg's Typewriter

Something tells us this wily copywriter would still own a  (or several) decades after it was the only way to word process.


5. Ken's Speakers

Today's electronics makers should really take cues from the of decades past. (PS: You can bid on Ken's fateful , too).


6. Don's Cadillac

These were almost as iconic as the ad man himself.


7. Joan's Lamp

We think is staged for a comeback in interior design, don't you?


8. Peggy's Suitcase

Peggy was a mover and shaker, so, of course, she needed to match.


9. Sterling Cooper's Clock Radio

This doesn't have a power cord, but that's OK. We'd be happy to use it as bookcase eye candy.


10. Ted's Airplane Stapler

The Man Med props department searched tirelessly for unique accents like this .


11. Sal's Spice Set

This is a cheery way to keep your kitchen organized.


12. Duck's Wall Art

Gotta admire a man who embraces his avian nickname with a .


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