Antonio Banderas Is Selling His Own Scented Candle

And it smells like the Mediterranean seashore.

antonio banderas
Getty/ Starlite Shop

Antonio Banderas may be known for his impressive movie career, with films on his resumé such as "The Mask of Zorro," "Interview With A Vampire," and "Spy Kids," to name a few, but the actor has also been moonlighting as a lifestyle entrepreneur apparently, joining the ranks of celebrities like Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow with his very own lifestyle brand.

The line of products designed by Banderas includes sunglasses, phone cases, wallets, pens and the newest product, a "boisse mousse" scented candle. Retailing for $21, the 100% vegetable wax candle is the most affordable item in the collection, so fans of the star will have no problem recreating the smell of the actor's own home or, more specifically, the Mediterranean seashore.

Antonio Banderas Mediterranean Candle
Courtesy of Starlite Shop

In fact, the entire lifestyle line, "My Own Touch," sold exclusively on the new online shop , was inspired by Banderas' love of the beach, the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, and his fascination with pebbles of the Mediterranean seashore growing up.

The new site, based out of Marbella, Spain, focuses on celebrity brands, with Banderas being the first to sign on with his collection, according to . It is currently being backed by the international music festival in Marbella called Starlite.


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