12 Things Lenny Kravitz Can't Live Without

The rock star keeps his luxe accessories and cosmetics close.

Mathieu Bitton

Like the man himself, Lenny Kravitz's music is soulful, cool, and utterly seductive. The same can be said for his interiors. The Grammy ­Award–winning rocker — currently on tour for his ninth album, Black and White America, and acting in two upcoming films, now that The Hunger Games has made him a movie star — has found the time to establish his own thriving interior design firm. "Creativity is creativity as far as I'm concerned," says Kravitz, whose projects have ranged from designs for a 47-story Miami tower to chandeliers for Swarovski. His dream is to launch his own lifestyle brand. "It would go from fashion to furniture," says Kravitz, who cites Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani as inspirations. "I want to do cutlery, plates, lamps, chairs, sofas, and beds — I mean, everything. I'm working on it now."

Click through our slideshow to see Kravitz's favorite things then check out his interiors for the Paramount Bay.

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lenny kravitz design
Ligne Roset
Ligne Roest's Togo Sofa

"Timeless, organic, and super comfortable. It's in every one of my homes."

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lenny kravitz design
Tom Ford Beauty
Tom Ford Eau De Parfum

"I love the contrast of the vanilla with the harshness of the tobacco. I wear it all the time."

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Courtesy of Leica Camera
Leica M9

"I'm always shooting, and this digital camera lets me get great, film-like results."

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Rick Owens Leather Jacket

"His jackets fit my body and my personality."

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Thinkstock Images/© Getty Images

"I always carry my black leather King James bible."

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Getty Images
U.S. Army Cross And Star Of David

"My mother was Christian, my father Jewish. I found these in an army sur and wear both."

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Sharon Alouf
Sharon Alouf Jewelry

"I have her black-diamond earrings and a gold thumb ring I only take off when I'm doing a film."

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Getty Images
1958 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

"This guitar has the most beautiful sound, and the gold has worn down to a mellow patina."

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Courtesy of Sharpie Permanent Markers®

"Fans ask me to sign things — album covers, photos, shirts —so I always carry one with me."

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lenny kravitz design
LGB Jeans

"This brand out of Japan is run by a wonderful guy named Nobu. I wear his jeans onstage."

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lenny kravitz design
Traditional Medicinals
Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea And Raw Organic Almonds

"I'm not a big diva. These are the only things I ask for in my dressing room, water."

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Goddess Of Skin
Goddess Of Skin Cosmetics

"Dayle Breault is a genius with skin. I use her Bonafide Scrub, Profound Cleanser, and Heartfelt Emulsion Day moisturizer."

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