small patio ideas


40+ Small Patios with Big Design Ideas

Creativity and well-proportioned furniture are all it takes.

outdoor fireplace
How To Buy An Outdoor Fireplace

Fireplaces, fire pits, fire tables... what does it all *mean*?

This Plain-Looking Backyard Has A Genius Secret
...And you won't believe how much you'll want to do the same thing i…
How To Plant A Perfect English Garden
The secret is actually a study in simplicity
It's Almost Spring...Your Yard Needs You
Once the snow has melted, your yard is ready for its time to shine a…
Backyard Oasis
Forget the tire swings and gazebos! From artist-made grottos to lily pad ponds to staggering waterfront views, here are nine outdoor sp…
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Picture-Perfect Pond Garden
A backyard water feature becomes a cool oasis for these new gardeners
A Brilliant Patio Addition

Adding a deck and patio expands the relaxing vibe of a weekend getaway

Splish Splash
Pretty and practical birdbaths for your yard
Create Backyard Shade
Easy solutions for making cool, comfortable areas in your sunny backyard
Landscaped for Entertaining
From a needy backyard entertaining area to knockout
California Natives
This extravagant desert garden was designed to complement the curves of a Hollywood hideaway.
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