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Tiny homes

24 Brilliant Hacks For Chic Small Space Living

From fold-away office space to vertical gardening, minimize your clutter and maximize your square footage.

muji tiny home
Prefab Muji Tiny Homes Are Now Available In Japan

We can't imagine a more serene living space.

tiny homes
The Issue With Tiny Houses That No One Talks About
Concerned neighbors claim tiny houses are affecting local property v…
4 Tiny Home Designs - The American Institute of Architects 2017 Small Project Awards
The 4 Best Tiny Home Designs In The Country

By the American Institute of Architects, no less.

tiny houses are a waste of money
Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy A Tiny House

At least, according to one finance expert.

Tiny House
I Thought I Wanted To Live In A Tiny House—Until I Spent The Night In One

These are the five reasons why I can't get on board with tiny living.

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This Chic Tiny Home Was Built Inside... A Grain Silo?
This unconventional home has a tiny footprint but big impact.

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