Target Wine


Target's Going To Start Selling $5 Bottles Of Wine

Whether you're a chardonnay or a cabernet, they've got it all.

vinome wine dna
Find Your Perfect Bottle Of Wine Based On Your DNA

Talk about a perfect match.

Napa Valley Wine Train
A Wine Train Takes You Through Napa Vineyards

Next. Vacation. Planned.

A $10.50 Sam's Club Wine Has A Crazy-High Rating

You're gonna want to try it before it sells out.

john adams wine
Museum Discovers 221-Year-Old Wine

Cheers, America!

rosé  - cocktails
8 Ways To Have Your Rosé And Eat It, Too

When the bottled version is no longer making the cut, opt for these fun treats.

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cheap rosé bottles
The Best Rosé You Can Buy This Summer—For Less Than $20

AKA your ultimate summer drinking guide

glass of red wine
There's A Reason Why We Are Drinking More Wine Than Ever Before

Hint: Take a closer look at your wine glass.

Blanc de Noirs Assemblage Two
Jay Z's New Ace Of Spades Champagne Is Ridiculously Expensive

Better start saving, bubbly lovers.

martha stewart wine
Martha Stewart Is The Newest Celebrity To Dive Into The Booze Biz

Her new wine delivery company features hand-picked, budget-friendly bottles.

'Game Of Thrones' Now Has An Official Wine Range

"More wine."

Wine bottle with story attached
Wine Bottles Wrapped In Short Stories Let You Read While You Drink

All you need for a cozy night in.

Woman holding glass of red wine
Your Wine Might Have More Alcohol in It Than You Thought

This could explain your horrible hangovers.

Forget Rosé, Orange Wine Is What Your Dinner Party's Been Missing

It's everything you love about red, white, and rosé in one perfect glass.

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7 Places To Add To Your Travel Bucket List If You Love Wine

Stoke your wanderlust and bring joy to your inner wine lover.

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