Stocking Flasks Are Here To Make the Holidays Even More Fun

These are guaranteed to take your merrymaking to the next level.


When it comes to , we typically think of lush garland and handmade stockings. Wine? Beer? Um... not so much. So, when we spotted this stocking flask on Amazon, three questions immediately ran through our minds:

  1. Would anyone actually buy this?
  2. What would someone think if they saw this hanging on our mantel?
  3. This idea is kind of hysterical and the more we look at it, the more we kind of want one? (Not a question, but you understand our existential crisis.)


    Think about it: If you're having , it would be pretty fun to have one of these guys hanging around for a quick top off. (Though, for the love of all things clean, make sure something is covering the carpet under the stocking.) Swapping out a standard stocking for one of these is also a great practical joke to play on someone who takes their Christmas decor very seriously.


    Santa's Flask, which you , holds 2.25 liters, is made from FDA-approved food grade plastic, and might be the Christmas gift you never knew you wanted.

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