30 Entryways with Dramatic Lighting to Give Your Guests a Warm Welcome

Set the stage for the first steps into your home.


is here to shed some light on an important area that should never be overlooked. Check out these entryway photos that will inspire you to make the right first impression.

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David Duncan Livingston
Sleek and Modern

Keep your style streamlined with the same textiles, lines, and angles.

Design by

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Emily Minton Redfield

Opt for a unique caged chandelier that is bound to prompt a double take.

Design by

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Marco Ricca
Stylish and Gold

Glam up contemporary wood furniture with a bold gold chandelier.

Design by

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Chester Ong
Daring and Different

Brighten up a dark entryway with a large sphere light chandelier that has a moon-like glow.

Design by

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Susan Carnes
Long and Lean

Style a low-hanging light in a high-ceiling room for added dimension.

Design by

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Bethany Nauert
Tiered and Contemporary

Try a tiered fixture to enhance a two-story space.

Design by dmar Interiors

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Gross & Daley
Disco Chic

Shop a disco-inspired light for a retro and eclectic style.

Design by

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Allyson Lublow
Mod and Round

Incorporate similar shapes when shopping for table lamps and overhead lighting to create a cohesive look.

Design by

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Rett Peek
Quaint and Classic

Add a gothic-inspired flair to a country entryway with a candle-lit chandelier.

Design by

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Robert Benson Photography
Luxurious and Artistic

A bold light fixture can make as much of a statement as a colorful painting.

Architecture by

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floral arrangement ideas
Sara Essex Bradley

You can never go wrong with a gold chandelier in a monochromatic space.

Design by

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Mariko Reed
Art Deco

Make a statement with a silver sunburst light fixture and a pop of color, like a blue table lamp and matching couch.

Design by

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Laura Hull
All Metallic

Opt for sleek matching gold lighting in a loud room that has a lot of character.

Design by

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Jake Fitzjones
Rich and Grand

A large, grandiose crystal display instantly elevates the luxury of any entryway.

Design by

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painted stairs
Tria Giovan, CTC&G
Shape It Up

Mix geometric patterns for a fun contemporary flair.

Design by

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Eric Roth
Velvet Touch

Try a unique textile like velvet for a distinct style all your own.

Design by

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Kelly Keresteci
White and Whimsical

Mute bright white light with feathered accents.

Design by

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Tina Anastasia
Artistic and Futuristic

Accessorize your entryway with a sculpture that complements the overhead light.

Design by

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Scott McDonald, Hedrich Blessing
A Zen Touch

Hang a lantern to add a soft and luminous glow to your space.

Design by

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Bob Narod
Elegant and Symmetrical

Create a balanced lighting display with a mirrored style and one focal piece.

Design by

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Erhard Pfeiffer
Seeing Stars

Shop a fun, star-shaped light that is bound to be a conversation starter.

Architecture by

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Sophisticated and Polish

Make a grand statement with a lavish light fixture that cascades from the ceiling.

Design by

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Tim Lee Photography
Old World Charm

Embrace a medieval style with a tiered candelabra chandelier.

Design by

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Emily Gilbert Photography
Matching Crystal

Coordinate your crystal chandelier with matching candle holders for an all-around elegant entryway look.

Design by

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Emily Followill
Brass and Masculine

A simple brass fixture is always a timeless pick.

Design by

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David Patterson
Copper Tone

Opt for an eye-catching metal chandelier and a stylish fireplace for an urban-luxe aesthetic.

Design by

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Eric Hausman
Dark and Majestic

Dim things down with a mysterious black crystal light fixture.

Design by

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Sean Litchfield
Let It Flow

Try an organic-shaped light in a rustic hallway for an added cool and contemporary vibe.

Design by

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Michael Kraus
An Added Variety

Don't shy away from multiple styles and lights. This space used a variety of lighting shapes and styles that all mesh cohesively.

Design by

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David Cleveland
With an Intricate Shade

Try a striking chandelier centerpiece in a simple, black-and-white space.

Design by

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