Mid-Century Modern Decor Is The Answer To Today's Bachelor Pad Design

We're going to take a hard pass on the cheesy bachelor decor of years past.

mid century modern bachelor pad ideas
Thomas Kuoh

Bachelor pad style is a difficult one to master. It poses existential questions like: What does "bachelor pad style" even mean? Should I mount a deer head on the wall? Should I just cover everything in plaid and call it a day? Fear not. Decor options for the lifestyle of today's single man are much more vast than the dated designs your mind is conjuring.

Case in point: The latest project by Emilie Munroe of , who was tasked with creating a contemporary bachelor's abode fit for an on-the-go San Francisco urbanite who wanted a warm but masculine vibe for his 1,500-square-foot apartment. Immediately drawn to mid-century inspired design, menswear-inspired color palettes, and high-functionality furniture, this apartment redesign captures what an authentic present-day bachelor pad looks like. Here, Munroe shares five key pieces of advice to master the look.

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mid century modern bachelor pad ideas
Thomas Kuoh
Take a cue from menswear.

To create a stylish and masculine space, it was a no-brainer for Munroe to draw from the sleek design and color trends of men's suits.

"Men's fashion was a huge source of inspiration," she says. "We wanted to be sure there was color throughout the space, not just shades of gray. Looking at mens suiting and leisurewear was a great way to see how various shades of blue, camel and green came together in a balanced and decidedly masculine way." This muted palette lends itself to a hyper-modern take on mid-century design.

Contact for pricing, Master Mirror, Paige Glass

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mid century modern bachelor pad ideas
Thomas Kuoh
Find a balance with gender-neutral design.

Just because you're designing a "bachelor pad" doesn't mean every piece needs to be stereotypically masculine. According to Munroe, it's all about crafting a space that merges the masculine with the feminine, in order to create a "yin and yang in materials, shape, and detailing."

Mid-century modern furniture is a genius solution, as it often pairs both h and sturdy materials. "The two COUP Living Room swivel club chairs have strong wood bases, but also the softness of deep tufting in the upholstery," she says. "We also both loved the large-scale Holly Hunt Ten Carat coffee table for its prominent presence within the room, but also how the edge angles are gem-like and the smoked glass top creates a bright shiny reflective surface."

Contact for pricing, Ten Carat Table, Holly Hunt

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mid century modern bachelor pad ideas
Thomas Kuoh
Design according to your morning routine.

"I find the discussions of function and lifestyle tend to be more robust with our bachelor clients, as achieving utilitarian spaces is often a core driver in their pursuit of the interior design experience," says Munroe.

When making major furniture decisions, keep in mind how you might move throughout the space and what tools will make your day-to-day life easier. In the kitchen, Munroe made sure that the kitchen bar had swivel stools with back support to create a comfortable and casual experience. "We reviewed numerous options before selecting Berman Rosetti's Bon Bon stools," she says.

Contact for pricing, Bon Bon Stools, Berman Rosetti

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mid century modern bachelor pad ideas
Thomas Kuoh
Consider texture just as important as color.

It's easy to gravitate toward the usual suspects like wood and leather when trying to craft a bachelor's living space, but branch outside of your comfort zone when it comes to adding texture. Munroe recommends drawing from your own personal style, especially the articles of clothing and patterns you're attracted to.

This space had "a backdrop of modern materials and finishes" which Munroe then layered with comfortable and eccentric pieces, like artwork, a metal bar cart, and casual throw pillows. "The window seat cushions also created an entire new seating area within the apartment," she says. "The slim shape, leather cord trim and 'x' tufting detail kept them feeling masculine while still bringing warmth and comfort to the slab lined window niches."

$999, Matégot Bar Cart, TRNK

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mid century modern bachelor pad ideas
Thomas Kuoh
Mid-century lighting is a must.

Lighting is always a safe bet when you want to give a room a focal point that is stylish and function-driven. Take the mid-century-style lighting situated above the dining room table, for example. It adds some dimension to the room and complements the rest of the apartment's mid-century decor perfectly.

Much like the rest of the space, none of the lighting is "too fussy or overwrought." Opt for clean angles and strong shapes that truly add character to any space.

$6,759, Serge Mouille Three-Arm Ceiling Lamp, Design Within Reach

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