35 Best Ways To Style A Coffee Table In Your Living Room

With the right decor, a coffee table can be the focal point of your living room.

coffee table styling
Stephan Julliard

While a combination of flowers, books, and trays is a timeless way to style a coffee table, there's no reason not to experiment with more creative ideas. Here, we highlight 35 chic ways to add some extra flair to your coffee table.

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coffee table styling
Laurel & Wolf, James Tabb
Consider a Glass-Topped Table

When you're aiming to showcase a significant amount of accessories, a coffee table with a glass top can provide balance. It doesn't take up as much visual space as an all-wood design, for instance, and it keeps the focus on your display.

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coffee table styling 
Cynthia Lynn
Go for One Statement Piece

If the idea of mixing decorative objects, flowers, and books really isn't your style, opt for one statement piece that reflects your personality. An eye-catching sculptural item or vase with your favorite blooms is sometimes all that's needed to complete a living room design.

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coffee table styling
Stephan Julliard
Weave in a Sentimental Item

Whether it's a family heirloom or a ceramic that you've treasured for years, incorporating a sentimental element into your coffee table decor adds a special touch. Plus, it's the perfect conversation starter, which is necessary for every interior.

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modern farmhouse
Alyssa Rosenheck
Add An Air Of Mystery

A brass cloche is the singular (and somewhat mysterious) piece of coffee table decor in the living room of designer Shawn Anderson's country-meets-gothic farmhouse in Memphis.

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buenos aires apartment
Björn Wallander
Stick To A Single Color

The circa-1950 Sphere cocktail table and lamp in this Buenos Aires living room are by . A simple white bowl and blooms add to the room's monochromatic palette.

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Simon Upton
Simon Upton
Light It Up

A duo of candelabras tie this living room's gold elements together in glamorous harmony. The sofa from designer Jean-Louis Deniot’s collection for is in a fabric, the 1930s chairs are in a fabric, the vintage cocktail table is by , and the gold side table is by ; the 1920s bronze-and-alabaster chandelier once hung in the Villa Kerylos in France, the indoor-outdoor rug is by , the artwork is by , and the shelf holds a sculpture (center) and a French 1940s lamp.

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minimalist living rooms
Stephen Kent Johnson
Go Minimalist When Furniture's Heavy

Designer Shawn Henderson pared down the coffee table decor in the living room of this Montana mountain home. The custom sofa, in a fabric, is by Dune, the 1950s chair (left) is in a fabric, and the custom armchair is covered in fabrics; the 1930s orange lacquer–and-shagreen sideboard is French, the 1950s Murano glass table lamp is by , the 1955 chandelier is by , the custom rug is by Beauvais, and the Venetian plaster walls are in ’s Stonington Gray.

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kevin dumais mid-century modern home
Eric Piasecki
Add Some Height

A feathery arrangement keeps the vibe of this family room nook cozy, while adding height and drawing the eye up to the artwork by . The custom sectional is covered in and fabrics, the cocktail table by and the chandelier by are both custom, the sconces are from , the curtains are of a fabric, and the carpet is by ; the walls are in a leather, the ceiling is painted in ’s Bison Brown.

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mantel decoration ideas
Richard Powers
Display Your Art

A bust sits on the coffee table from India in the living room of designer John Robshaw's Connecticut home. The living room sofa and its fabric are by John Robshaw for Duralee; the armchair, custom banquettes, and bone-inlay side table are all Robshaw designs.

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rela don gleason house tour
Björn Wallander
Mix Rustic With Refined

The cocktail table inside designer Rela Gleason's San Miguel de Allende home is an inverted polished tree stump, a stone mill wheel serves as a side table. A ceramic vase and a leather-bound book keep the look classic.

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living room ideas
Douglas Friedman
Create Levels Of Interest

A tri-level coffee table sets the stage for drama in this Chicago living room. The custom sofa, in a fabric, is by Dune, the 1950s chair (left) is in a fabric, and the custom armchair is covered in fabrics; the 1930s orange lacquer–and-shagreen sideboard is French, the 1950s Murano glass table lamp is by , the 1955 chandelier is by , the custom rug is by Beauvais, and the Venetian plaster walls are in ’s Stonington Gray.

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coffee table styling ideas
Eric Piasecki
Choose A Statement Table

If your table makes a statement on its own, whatever you place on top of it is just a bonus! Inside a PR maven's New York City home, the coffee table and floor lamp are by West Elm. On top you'll find an array stylish books, fresh flowers, and chic trinkets.

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coffee table styling ideas
Trevor Tondro
Try More Than One Table

The sleek living room of a Manhattan apartment designed by Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson of Drake/Anderson has two separate sitting areas and tables of various sizes throughout. The glass cocktail table by Fredrikson Stallard is filled with feathers, the round side table is by Holly Hunt Studio, the lamp on it is by Charles Paris and the custom rug is by Tai Ping.

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coffee table styling ideas
James Merrell
Accent With Stools

In the living room of a weekend home in Bridgehampton, New York, designed by Steven Gambrel, the cocktail table is by Dos Gallos and is topped with several vases and trays. The petite Thebes-style caned stools that accompany it are vintage.

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coffee table styling ideas
Ricardo Labougle
Swap For A Side Table

This country house in southeastern Uruguay, which was built on the remains of an 1810 roadside general store, defies all design conventions. In the living room, they've even opted for a vintage side table from France instead of a coffee table. A single vase full of wildflowers draws the eye inside the stylishly stark room.

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coffee table
Tim Street-Porter
Stagger Small Round Coffee Tables

Don't stop at one (or two) tiny coffee tables. Stagger three tables throughout your living room and choose a different accent for each — say, a book, a candle and a plant. This look worked well in Ellen Pompeo's Hollywood Hills home.

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coffee table styling ideas
Stephen Kent Johnson
Top An Ottoman With A Tray

Give your ottoman a makeover by styling a tray on top of it, creating the perfect place to display flowers, candles, and books, like in this Greenwich Village penthouse.

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coffee table
Richard Powers
Don't Forget Flowers

Adorn your glass coffee table with fresh flowers for instant styling. Add a few stacks of books and personal objects for an eclectic touch, like in this upstate New York home. Fin!

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coffee table
Ricardo Labougle
Accent With A Single Dish

If your coffee table is tiny in size, like the one in this São Paulo duplex, all it needs is one of your favorite artisan bowls or plates to elevate it — especially if the rest of the room boasts maximalist decor.

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coffee table
Display Your Collection

Stack books on your cocktail table as a foundation for your collection of eclectic knickknacks. In an apartment on New York City's Sutton Place, trinkets and miniature sculptures give the living room a chic but eclectic vibe.

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coffee table
Mark Seelson
Opt For Two Long Tables

In the New York living room of hotelier Ian Schrager's apartment, two long tables divide the couches. The visual illusion itself is the decorative piece — simple and effective.

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coffee table
Max Zambelli
Add A Pouf

In the living room of Kate and Rem Reynolds’s townhouse in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, the wooden cocktail table is Danish and it is accompanied by a pouf. Extra seating and texture play? Yes, please.

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coffee table
Stephen Kent Johnson
Meticulously Stack Sets Of Books

In the living room of antiques dealer John Pope’s Charleston, South Carolina apartment, the statement red cocktail table was found at auction. It is topped with meticulously stacked sets of books and a sprinkling of trinkets that ensure the colorful table is still visible.

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coffee table
Matthieu Salvaing
Dust off Your Retro Finds

In Ibiza, this living room is outfitted with a mirrored 1980s coffee table. The ceramic tiles reflect off the centerpiece creating a psychedelic effect.

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coffee table
Stephen Kent Johnson
Repurpose Old Materials

The cocktail table in a Charleston, South Carolina sitting room was made out of a floor grate from the owner's great-grandparents’ Missouri home.

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coffee table
Hector Sanchez
Utilize The Space Underneath

The coffee table in interior designer William McClure's former Birmingham, Alabama living room is not only a perch or books, candles and flowers, but a stash spot for throw pillows, which are placed underneath.

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coffee table
William Abranowicz
Ditch Your Table Legs

In the game room of a Los Angles home, the coffee table is made from a circa-1880 slate slab and is the perfect height for playing board games.

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coffee table
Simon Upton
Don't Go Overboard

In the living room of a Paris apartment designed by Jean-Louis Deniot, the black and white cocktail table by Hagit Pincovici is nod to the gray found throughout the rest of the room. To let the piece shine, tabletop accessories are limited to candlesticks and a decorative sculpture.

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coffee table
Mark D. Sikes
Stay On-Theme

If you're a fan of nautical decor, bring it to your coffee table design. This wicker table fits in perfectly with the coastal decor of the space.

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coffee table
Joshua Mchugh
Choose A Colorful Base

In the living area of interior designer Kimille Taylor’s Upper West Side apartment, the center table is topped with a sparse selection of books and flowers (of course), allowing for the dazzling yellow table to shine for itself.

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