15 Window Decor Ideas for a Festive Christmas

We promise they're all Instagram-worthy.

Christmas window decorations
Douglas Friedman

When it comes to Christmas decorations, it's easy to overlook your windows, but that shouldn't be the case. Windows are the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and celebrate the beauty of the holiday season. See these 15 chic window decorating ideas to show off your holiday spirit.

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Window with packages
Show Off Your Presents

Running out of space under your Christmas tree? Instead, make use of your windows by stacking presents in a variety of sizes. For added interest, be sure to include packages wrapped in a mix of solid and patterned paper.

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Christmas decoration on window sill
Bjurling, Hans
Go for a Glow

Add warmth to a drab window sill by placing a white candle at the center of a pine branch.

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Christmas ornaments hanging in living room, close-up
Siri Stafford
Showcase Colorful Ornaments

Dress up a basic window by hanging a group of glittery red, green and gold ornaments.

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decorated for Christmas window
Consider Festive Accessories

Upgrade a window sill by placing matching holiday throw pillows on top of a festive fabric. Finish the look with a mini wreath for even more holiday cheer.

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Beautiful holiday windows decorated for Christmas
Deck Your Garland

Complement charming shutters with garland that's outfitted with vibrant ornaments and bows.

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Christmas living room with decorations
Johner Images
Hang Stars

A trio of red and white stars adds a unique touch to a Christmas set-up.

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Christmas window decorations
Douglas Friedman
Go Green

Along with hanging a large, traditional wreath, drape lush garland around windows to make a statement in a spacious room.

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Bright christmas interior with tree, window and gifts
Mikhail Spaskov
Match Your Tree

If your tree is positioned right near a window, hang a wreath that's adorned with the same style of ornaments for a cohesive look.

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Atmospheric Christmas window sill decoration
Get Creative with Ornaments

If some ornaments didn't make it on to your tree, use them for a window sill arrangement. Along with letting a few dangle from your window, place some right on top a bed of pine.

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Close-Up Of Artificial Snowflake Hanging At Home
Maciej Gorzelinski / EyeEm
Embrace a Rustic Accent

For a rustic feel, display a large snowflake ornament in an earthy hue directly in front of a window. Complete the arrangement by setting a candle and an understated apothecary jar full of pinecones on the window sill.

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Row of small Christmas trees in pots on window ledge
Brian Bumby
Showcase Matching Mini Trees

It doesn't get more festive opting for a row of three matching mini trees decked in pretty red ornaments and topped with bows.

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Christmas living room with a Christmas tree, sofa, gifts and a large window. Beautiful New Year decorated classic home interior
Getty; jeka1984
Consider Symmetrical Arrangements

Go for balance in a living room with identical wreaths and garland.

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Christmas lights hanging in widow
PhotoAlto/Claire Nijnikoff
Warm White Lights

Strings of warm white lights add an elegant touch to a small window.

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Christmas lantern in night
Display a Lantern

Create an inviting glow by displaying a small lantern next to a bundle of pine that's accented with red berries.

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Country Christmas decoration: wooden window decorated in red
Use Red Candles

Looking for an easy Christmas display? Illuminate your window sill with a collection of red candles. There's even room to try candles in different sizes for a bit of variety.

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