25 Gorgeous and Functional Laundry Rooms

Proof that great design can thrive in even the smallest spaces.

Laundry Room Ideas
Eric Roth Photography

Who says laundry has to be a chore? When it comes to great design, laundry rooms are often overlooked, and that shouldn’t be the case. Laundry may not be a glamorous task, but the space you do it in can be.

These 25 inspirations from Dering Hall designers show that even the most functional space can be stylish.

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Christopher Stark Photography
Azure Landscapes

In this space from , vivid blue wallcoverings are complemented by natural wood colors and gray patterned floor tiles.

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Jim Tschetter
Glossy Cabinetry

For this laundry room, created a large, comfortable space where chores can be easily accomplished.

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Werner Straube
Serene Neutrals

Healthy plants and woven baskets contribute to a clean, natural vibe in this room from .

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Laura Hull
Country Charm

In a Tennessee-style farmhouse, designed a laundry room that opens up to the outdoors.

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Tria Giovan
Greenhouse Effect

The wooden walls of this laundry room by are painted mint green for a chic, soothing effect.

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Neil Rashba
Space Solutions

This design from suits the narrow space, and it's light-filled and practical.

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Rett Peek
Minimalist Influences

In this country house, a neutral-hued back kitchen and laundry by takes advantage of ample space.

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David Whittaker
Baby Blue

A laundry room from uses vivid blue cabinetry to make a statement.

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Roger Davies Photography
Ranch-Style Chic

A ranch house renovation from relies on natural wood and black accents to round out the calm, minimalist design.

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David Lauer Photography

This laundry room from uses a creative, neutral color palette to achieve its high-impact, minimalist aesthetic.

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Kacey Gilpin
Clean & Bright

White cabinetry, complemented by a glossy backsplash, is the perfect backdrop for splashes of color in this space by .

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Paul Dyer
Posh Pairings

Red wall tiles and black-and-white patterned floor tile feels posh in this streamlined laundry room/mudroom from .

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Eric Roth Photography
Pattern Play

Eclectic wallcoverings create a fun, unique environment in a space from .

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Emily Jenkins Followill
Green Elements

Green cabinetry provides an interesting touch to this multifunctional space from .

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Dan Piassick
Sophisticated Style

Cream cabinetry, floral patterned ceiling, and graceful chandelier make this laundry room by a glamorous space to spend time in.

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Bernard André
Detailed Design

This laundry room from features gray wood cabinetry and a deluxe sink.

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Michelle Drewes
Lighting Effects

In a modern Californian farmhouse by , innovative lighting fixtures add a tasteful effect to this laundry room.

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Werner Straube
Graceful Grays

Gray hues dominate in a laundry nook from .

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Brad Knipstein Photography
Elevated Environment

In this sparse laundry room by , marble countertops and a chic basket are interesting and unexpected.

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Neil Rashba
Natural Inspirations

In this laundry and craft room from , gorgeous natural woods contribute to a soft, calming ambience.

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Dan Piassick
Paris Je T'Aime

Creative, Parisian-inspired wallcoverings are an unconventional backdfor this laundry room from .

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Jessica Delaney
Storage-Focused Space

For a space by that combines a kids' art studio, mudroom, and laundry area, baskets help create a wealth of storage options.

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Karyn Millet
Creative Cabinetry

This laundry room from focuses on simplicity and efficiency.

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Nancy Elizabeth Hill
Pale Colors

Blue-toned cabinets complement a cool stone floor in this laundry area by .

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Stephen Karlisch

included custom dog housing in this elegant laundry area.

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