30 Inspiring Bohemian Kitchens

Brighten up your kitchen with an eclectic, boho-chic vibe.

Boho Kitchen Ideas
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Open shelving, mixed patterns and textures, or a touch of vintage in accessories or appliances are the key ingredients for a bohemian kitchen.

Browse through these 38 eclectic designs for inspiration on how to create a comfortable and relaxed, bohemian-style kitchen.

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Eric Piasecki
Color Musings

Rich, warm colors and quirky wood furnishings create an eclectic ambience in a kitchen from .

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Michael J. Lee
Navy Finishes

In a kitchen by , open shelving, topped with cheerful ceramics, pairs well with navy paint colors and a patterned rug.

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Luke White
Emerald City

Emerald tiles lend unusual flair to a kitchen by .

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Chipper Hatter
Chic Environs

A gray backsplash grounds a softly lit kitchen from .

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Karyn Millet Photography
Updated Mediterranean

For a 1930s Spanish Revival renovation, mixed woven dining chairs with white tile and contemporary pendants to achieve a playful atmosphere that's still mediterranean-influenced.

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Eric Piasecki Photography LLC
Complementary Colors

With help from Sawyer | Berson Architecture & Landscape Architecture, LLP, created a sunny, exuberant kitchen with pale blue cabinetry that complements the red-orange floor tile.

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Anthony Tahlier
Arts & Crafts

In this showhouse, combined a posh aesthetic with craftsman-style furnishings and accessories for a gorgeous effect.

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Michelle Drewes
Textural Elements

For a pristine kitchen in Napa Valley, matched mediterranean tile with a tracery ceiling.

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Costas Picadas
Eternal Sunshine

A spacious kitchen from makes a major statement with vibrant yellow cabinetry.

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Sean Marier
Festive Neutrals

A faded rug feels fresh in this kitchen from with metals, marble backsplash, and bright accents.

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Neil Landino
Farmhouse Chic

A cast iron decorative piece livens up a brick backsplash in this kitchen from .

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Stacy Bass
Elegant Accents

An unconventional lighting fixture contributes a vintage touch to a kitchen by .

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Jamie Salomon
Unusual Pairings

Pale pastel cabinetry, white siding, and wood floors and ceilings unite in this unique kitchen by .

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Ryann Ford Photography
Pared-Down Rustic

For this prep kitchen, relied on sage cabinetry and rattan pendant lighting.

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Christopher Stark
Pop of Blue

In this transitional kitchen from , contrasting tile patterns complement each other, especially with warm wood accents and hints of blue.

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Tim Street Porter
Vaulted Ceiling

A vaulted ceiling and skylight create architectural intrigue in this kitchen by .

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Grey Crawford
Brick by Brick

Brick walls offer a cozy backdrop in a kitchen from .

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Nick Pironio
Bright Notes

This kitchen by is full of natural light (and natural materials).

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Mark Roskams
Vintage Eclectic

In this vintage-inspired kitchen by , the kitchen island also functions as a book shelf.

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Ted Miles Photography
Welcoming Space

For a guest cottage, designed a simple, cozy kitchen.

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Amy Bartlam
Free Spirit

A craftsman-style kitchen from features pale green tones and a lot of wood.

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Bjorn Wallander
Decadent Elegance

A kitchen and breakfast room from includes opulent lighting.

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Michael J Lee Photography
Vacation Inspiration

A red island creates drama in a turquoise kitchen by .

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Marion Residence
David Sundberg, ESTO

This boho kitchen by provides ample space for storing books.

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John Gruen
Artful Details

For a Brooklyn townhouse by , steel mixes well with pop art-inspired elements.

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Nat Rea
Wide Windows

This steel curtain window in a kitchen from connects the interior and exterior environments.

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Elizabeth Watsky Photography
Clean Environment

Chic wood shelves and white ceramics offer up an immaculate, healthy ambience in this space from .

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Bernardo Grijalva Photography
Ranch-Style Reveal

In a ranch-style kitchen and dining space from , antique accents and over-the-top furnishings steal the show.

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Suzanna Scott Photography
Warm Minimalism

This clean, minimalist kitchen from still feels warm with a wood accent wall.

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Brie Williams
Quirky Accents

This funky kitchen from features a high ceiling and eclectic accessories.

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