25 Clever Hallway Seating Ideas

Revamp a bare hallway in an instant.

Joyelle West

It's not always easy to craft a vision for the in-between spaces of a home, the ones that help us transition from living area to dining room or from the public sections of a house to the private. Hallways help connect the dots between realms suited to different functions, and creative seating like stools, benches, and settees offer a fun focal point that turns a hallway—a place meant for passing through—into a spot to stop and enjoy.

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Werner Segarra
Create the Perfect Cozy Nook

Elegant neutral fabrics and fresh flowers help create a cozy hideaway in this space by .

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Sarah Dorio
Polish it off with Southwestern-Inspired Accents

A modern farmhouse by incorporates a luxe wooden bench, matched with sophisticated wood paneling, black-and-white drawings, and a woven rug in desert tones.

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Margaret Mulligan Photography
Feed a Minimalist Fantasy

This design by positions a minimalist ottoman at the top of the stairs to provide a touch of soft, clean texture.

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François Gagne
Sweeten Up a Design with Coastal Hues

For a summer home in Maine, added a detailed wooden bench to ground the hallway design.

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John Gruen
Throw in a Pinch of Pink

An 1840s renovation by features a tufted chaise lounge in of-the-moment pink.

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Erica George Dines
Tie the Design Together

A luxurious red pattern on this cushion creates a visual tie to the nearby bedroom, which also features red-patterned bedding, in a design by .

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Josh McHugh
Lighten Up with Cognac Colors

Upholstered in rich colored fabric, these mid-century modern stools are a polished accent in this room from .

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Mike Schwartz Photography
Have a Little Fun

Animal print ups the ante in a hallway by .

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Joyelle West
Keep it Coastal

In this space from , a fun nautical hallway is decorated with sailboat photography, placed above a clean wooden bench.

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James Merrell
Invest in Elegance

A sophisticated recamier, covered in green-printed fabric, looks out toward the ocean in this space by .

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Emily Followill
Indulge in Electric Colors

A red bench adds an eclectic tone to this hallway from .

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Raquel Langworthy
Think Metallic Touches

Metal stools jazz up a foyer design by .

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Eric Roth
Showcase Outstanding Artwork

The royal blue in the contemporary artwork enhances the bench's vivid color in this design from .

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Carlos Domenech
Consider Innovative Accents

In this design from , unique stools offer a touch of creativity.

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Carter Berg
Style a Mini Sitting Room

A second-floor sitting room is nestled into a landing in this home design from .

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Stacy Bass
Go Nautical

A nautical nook from includes flawless ocean views.

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Chip Riegel
Play Around with Purple

This space from plays with purple fabrics and patterns.

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Sara Essex Bradley
Finish off with Ornate Accessories

A low-backed settee lends an aura of elegance to this foyer by , as do the delicate chandelier and shield-shaped mirror.

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Erin Alvarez
Find Inspiration in Art

Featuring an artwork in a gilded frame and an antique pew, this farmhouse-inspired space from has the romance and subtle sophistication of an upscale gallery.

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Thomas Loof
Cozy up with Texture

An upholstered acrylic bench in this hallway by offers a place to sit and admire the eclectic surroundings.

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Michelle Drewes
Save Some Things for Later

Stools can be stored under an elegant console, as this San Francisco design by demonstrates, and taken out when company comes.

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Neil Rashba
Think Carefully About Color Choice

This transitional hallway by showcases cream tones.

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Christian Harder
Go Custom

A built-in bench from adds interest to the custom cabinetry.

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Lance Selgo
Experiment with New Styles

Hallways are a great place to experiment with quirky accents and art, like in this space by .

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Brad Meese
Put Simplicity First

Above all, seating should feel practical and relevant to the overall look, as shown in this space by .

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