55 Small Bathrooms that Make a Big Statement

These petite spaces are proof that the boldest design can come in the smallest package.

Small bathroom ideas
Douglas Friedman

Just because a bathroom is small, doesn't mean it shouldn't feel grand. There are endless ways to make petite spaces exude the boldness and elegance of a larger bathroom. From bold decor choices to stylish storage ideas, these small bathrooms and powder rooms aren't afraid of making a design statement—and you shouldn't be either.

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Small bathroom ideas
Simon Upton
Coordinating Marble

This modern Miami bathroom is given the illusion of a larger space due to its coordinating marble, used on the walls, vanity and flooring.

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Small bathroom ideas
William Waldron
Dynamic Walls

In Erika Bearman's Hamptons powder room, designer Miles Redd opted for bold black and white botanical-patterned wallpaper by Marthe Armitage, giving the room movement and energy.

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Small bathroom ideas
Alyssa Rosenheck
Sanctuary Farmhouse

The bathroom of this Washington, DC takes an ultra-minimalist approach with clean lines and simple geometries. The bathroom is a pure white with a statement plant, making the space feel open and uncluttered.

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Small bathroom ideas
R. Brad Knipstein
Lightness & Depth

In the bathroom of a mid-century modern California home, deep-colored tile floors are paired with crisp white walls and a large mirror, adding a depth and lightness that enlarges the space.

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Small bathroom ideas
Tessa Neustadt
Fruity and Bright

A pineapple motif adds a youthful edge to this petite California bungalow bathroom.

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Small bathroom ideas
Simon Upton
Pastoral Air

Architect and created a spa-like escape in this Greenwich bathroom, complete with a massive window that opens up the room, filling it with light and uniting the outdoors with the indoors.

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Small bathroom ideas
Trevor Tondro

In this Santa Monica powder room, dainty furnishings like a structurally minimalist sink stand and petite mirror create the illusion of a larger square footage.

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Small bathroom ideas
Emily Andrews
Clean Lined Simplicity

In the bathroom of Etsy COO Linda Findley Kozlowski's NYC home, the bathroom is kept simple with clean lines and minimalist decor. The cool, recessed lighting complements the bathroom's grey palette and makes the space feel more open.

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Small Bathroom Ideas
William Waldron

The walls of this cozy bathroom are made of lacquered oak veneer, bringing a pastoral richness to this lakeside retreat.

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Small bathroom ideas
Amanda Kirkpatrick
Statement Tub

Sometimes a small bathroom can benefit from a statement furnishing, like this deep navy clawfoot tub. The bright white walls and large window allow for sunlight to enlarge the space.

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Small bathroom ideas
Douglas Friedman
Feminine Edge

In Ken Fulk's Sonoma Valley lake house, the master bathroom's long and narrow architecture is balanced with coordinating tile that extends to the shower, along with simple furnishings that keep the silhouette clean.

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small bathroom ideas
Grey Crawford
Black and White Tile

The small bathroom in French architect Jacque Grange's Paris apartment houses a narrow étagerè holding towels and toiletries. The bathtub, sink and faucet are by L'Epi d'Or, the chandelier is 19th-century and the inlaid marble floor is based on a Byzantine pattern.

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small bathroom ideas
Alamy/Monica Wang
Neutral Beauty

A neutral bathroom in the Spanish-style home of Create & Cultivate founder Jaclyn Johnson is given a "Cali cool" update with the addition of Hygge & West's and the Marabou by Kohler. The space was designed by Johnson's friend, Whitney Lee Morris.

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floral arrangement ideas
Eric Piasecki
Exuberantly Floral

In a New York City home's bathroom with limited countertop and cabinet storage, designer Katie Ridder used a medium-height antique shelf for books, towels and a plant.

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small bathroom ideas
Simon Upton
Simplistic Style

When all else fails, keep it simple. A compact sink by and sleek fittings by Arne Jacobsen for complete this West Village apartment designed by .

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small bathrooms
Fritz von der Schulenburg
Narrow But Ornamental

In an imperial getaway near St. Petersburg, a narrow bathroom is given ornamental details with a mirror from the 1940s and a 1950s stool from . The 1970s chandelier was found in Palm Beach, the curtains are of a silk by and the bathroom's sink, tub and fittings are by .

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small bathroom ideas
Nicole Hill Gerulat
Mixing Tiles

Mixing tiles is one of the easiest ways to boost a small bathroom's visual appeal. For this design scheme in a Orem, Utah home, glass and mother-of-pearl tile from were used to cover the walls and play off of the geometric stone flooring. Coastal sisal wallpaper from adds warmth to the space.

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small bathroom ideas
William Waldron
Standout Sink

A 19th-century washbasin is the highlight of this vibrant Bordeaux, France bathroom designed by Michael Coorengel and Jean-Pierre Calvagrac.

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small bathrooms
Ricardo Labougle
Breezy Rustic Style

In a relaxed Portugal home, the small master bath sink was made locally and the fittings are by . The mirror is by and the floor is poured concrete.

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small bathroom ideas
Cody Ulrich
Large Mirrors

This bohemian-inspired bathroom in the Dallas home of Homepolish designer Erika Yeaman proves that a simple large mirror can open up a space. It's the perfect solution if mirrored walls aren't your style.

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small bathroom ideas
Alan Shortall
Pebbled Shower

Who said pebbles are just meant for the beach? designed this bath, featuring floor-to-ceiling pebbled tile and sand-inspired hues.

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small bathrooms
Laura Resen
Moody Hues

In in South Orange, New Jersey, the small bathroom is decked out in varying shades of gray. A 1920s Venetian mirror hangs above the sink and the tiles are by .

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small bathroom ideas
William Waldron
Vibrant Paint

An exuberant grid of colors in designer New York apartment pays homage to the 1960s artist Gene Davis, drawing from the palette of his striped silk screens. The vibrant squares were painted by Moira Kelly, and the artwork is by Lucio Fontana.

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small bathroom ideas
Ricardo Labougle
Oversized Accents

Sometimes bigger is better, especially when it comes to powder rooms. Make a statement by experimenting with pieces like oversized sconces or a stone sink, as featured in this 17th-century Italian farmhouse.

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small bathroom ideas
Simon Upton
Royal Purple Bathroom

This bathroom by architect Achille Salvagni in a storied palazzo in Rome plays with color and texture using a royal purple wallcovering by . The tub fittings are by .

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small bathrooms
William Abranowicz
Gray Marble

In a laid-back New York City apartment, the bathroom vanity and tub are by , the fittings are by and the sconces are by . The walls and floor are sheathed in Calacatta Viola marble.

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small bathroom ideas
Eric Piasecki
Surf Bathroom

To emphasize the beachy feel in this surf retreat in East Hampton, the small bathroom forgoes the shower enclosure for a more casual feel. The sink is by and the shower fittings are by . The light is by , the wall is lined in , and the ceiling is painted in Stiffkey Blue by .

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small bathroom ideas
Douglas Friedman
Gold Reflective Wallpaper

For a small space, Andy Cohen's lamé bathroom packs quite the punch. The walls are lined with ’s Cherry Forever mylar wallpaper, the vanity is by , and the vintage Milo Baughman mirror is from . An Andy Warhol portrait of Diane von Furstenburg on a framed silk scarf resides over the room.

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Richard Powers
Black And White Mural

When designing his 1950s ranch house on the Hudson River, Ernest de la Torre expanded his small bathroom by pulling the mural by throughout the room and onto the door. The wainscoting is painted in .

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small bathroom ideas
Stephen Kent Johnson
Whitewashed Wood

An inviting powder room in a Big Sky, Montana, home features walls clad in reclaimed whitewashed wood and a custom sink made of stone. The sink fittings, mirror, and wall light are by .

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