10 Ways To Decorate Like An Impossibly Chic French Woman

How do they make it look so easy?!

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There's something about Parisian decor that feels so effortless, yet totally impossible to replicate. If you want to give your home that je ne sais quoi vibe, we've hunted down some of the most stylish and genius tips from the very women who hail from this posh country — take notes.

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french decor
French By Design Blog
Pick Your Accents Wisely

This blogger knows the power of throw and picks them out based on the vibe she's trying to create. For instance, these accessories are fresh and just what your home needs to welcome spring.

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Katy Cartland
Keep DIYs Simple

When this Paris native moved back to her hometown to raise her baby, she updated her existing coffee table with glue and imitation leather — and that's it. Proving style doesn't have to be complicated.

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Marissa Cox
Know Where to Invest

Since this homeowner had a strict budget when renovating her Paris apartment, she had to pick and choose where she invested. She splurged on marble countertops, which she says makes her kitchen feel more modern and fresh.

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Show Off Items You Love

Even if that means shoes. If you're proud of your heels, sweaters or jewelry, why not turn it into art that you can stare at all day long? We're especially in love with this ladder solution.

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Anik Polo
Take Your Time

The secret behind this bohemian home in Hossegor, France? The homeowner didn't rush buying decor and collected items she truly loved little by little. That way, her house is filled only with items she cherishes.

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Daniel Farmer
Pick a Statement Color

If you want to make a small space feel bigger, unite everything with a simple color scheme that features a splash of brightness. Here, yellow pops against the rest of the white and gray decor.

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rugs color paris
French By Design Blog
Add Color With Rugs

This homeowner layers colorful on top of wood floors to add vibrancy and dimension to the space. The key to not letting this get out of hand is keeping the walls and furniture neutral.

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Use Color to Create a Vibe

Even though this homeowner's home is tiny, she makes the most of it with strategic paint. In her alcove of a bedroom, she used plum to create a cozy nook and hung a curtain around the side for privacy.

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Katy Cartland
Make a Statement

Not only do mirrors help make a room feel bigger, since they reflect light, but when you pair them with a glitzy gold frame and put on top of a mantle, you've got a focal point that feels just the right amount of glamorous, too.

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lean art ikea
Lean Art Against the Wall

Even though most homeowners rest their against the wall because they can't decide where to hang it, it's even better as a permanent solution. It keeps the room from feeling too formal.

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American Artist

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