Velvet Pumpkins Are The Elegant Fall Decorations You've Been Waiting For

Seasonal decor has never been so chic (and soft!).

Courtesy AbbeyTinaVelvets / Etsy

Now that fall is in full swing, it's prime time to take in the gorgeous fall foliage and decorate your home accordingly. Which means pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins. You may have seen beautiful Chinoiserie pumpkins taking over your Instagram feeds, but now you can add a new decorative version of fall's mascot into the mix: velvet pumpkins.

Velvet pumpkins have popped up across Etsy, so it's never been easier to add these sophisticated decorations to your home:

Abby Tina Velvets

Velvet Pumpkins
Courtesy AbbeyTinaVelvets / Etsy

Set of five pumpkins, $93

This Etsy shop has velvet pumpkins in a range of colors and sizes, including shades of blue, green, gray, and even in printed fabrics. The pumpkins are hand-stitched and are made with a real pumpkin stem, so every velvet creation is unique.

A Vintage Obsession
Courtesy AVintageObsession

Set of three pumpkins, $62

These soft and h pumpkins are filled with a polyfill to give them a realistic look. They are available in gray, olive green, fuchsia, and red, and are also created with a real pumpkin step for an authentic feel.

Your Hearts Content

velvet pumpkin
Courtesy YourHeartsContent

Set of four pumpkins, $27.99

This Etsy shop sells velvet pumpkins with an added bonus: the pumpkins are scented with a spice fragrance. Created out of a soft stretch velvet, these handmade pumpkins come in orange, mustard, taupe, and olive green.

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