15 Chic Instagrams To Follow If You Love House Plants And Pictures Of Plants

Join the #houseplantclub and plot your next cacti purchase.

indoor house plants
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We wish we owned ten million house plants, but, until then, we will settle for looking at ten million pictures of plants on Instagram. These are our favorite accounts to scroll though when we're looking for interior decorating tips with plants and/or photos of attractive people and cute dogs next to Monstera leaves.

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1 houseofplants

A post shared by (@houseofplants) on

We never thought to put a giant Rubber plant on a cabinet, but we are honestly very into the idea.

2 thesill

A post shared by (@thesill) on

The Instagram for this famous plant shop is rainforest of delights, especially this Iris Apfel photo (who we are huge fans of).

3 earthwindandcactus

A post shared by (@earthwindandcactus) on

This Instagram devoted to cacti is sunny adventure on demand. The mirror's not bad either.

4 plantmama_

A post shared by (@plantmama_) on

We love a green wall and would be happy to be adopted by this plant mama.

5 houseplantclub

A post shared by (@houseplantclub) on

Honestly, the only club we are interested in joining/going to.

6 thepottedjungle

A post shared by (@thepottedjungle) on

House plants and rattan furniture are a match made in heaven.

7 sarahkbenning

A post shared by (@sarahkbenning) on

If you can't trust yourself to keep a plant alive, you can buy these beautiful embroideries instead.

8 succulentcity

A post shared by (@succulentcity) on

Take me down to succulent city where the plants are green and the bedrooms are pretty.

9 boyswithplants

A post shared by (@boyswithplants) on

You're welcome.

10 Hilton Carter

A post shared by (@hiltoncarter) on

Hilton Carter's loft is filled with more house plants than we can count, not that we'd refuse an invitation to come do so.

11 meeschmid_plantlady

A post shared by (@meeschmid_plantlady) on

It's hard to feel glum about work when your desk has this many pretty house plants.

12 wildernisamsterdam

A post shared by (@wildernisamsterdam) on

Amsterdam is a great place to investigate leaves, like at this uber-chic botanical workshop.

13 botanicalwomen

A post shared by (@botanicalwomen) on

You're welcome, again!

14 james_jungle

A post shared by (@jamies_jungle) on

This account posts a spread of plant-filled interiors that make us want to pack our bags and move somewhere with high ceilings and better windows.

15 folia_folia

A post shared by (@folia_folia) on

Truly, #shelfgoals.

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