Open spaces, post-industrial details, metallic siding and on-sight beams. What yesterday we labelled as "urban style" used to go beyond indoor boundaries: inspiration for interior design was meant to be found outside to create an atmosphere halfway between industrial and domestic.

Today, the urban style has updated. And, as it usually happens when it's about trends, it did it by revolutionizing already-established style notions: first it kept grey as the leading colour, thus holding on to one of the main features of metropolitan style; but then it brought innovation by redefining the concept of urban with a simple yet revolutionary approach - by moving the focus to colour.

That's exactly what ARKSHADE did: colours become the cardinal elements of a multi-faced, cosmopolitan architectural planning. The floor neutral surfaces meet walls characterized by innovative shades, from the most intense graduations to the softer ones. ARKSHADE is pure architectural glam: a true eclectic collection for projects inspired by a metropolitan look.

ARKSHADE collection:

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