How To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

“This event is unprecedented and all impacts are…beyond anything experienced."

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While Harvey has been downgraded to a tropical storm since it made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane Friday night in Texas, it is responsible for , dozens of injuries and catastrophic flooding throughout the state. At least 316,000 customers are and the National Weather Service expects up to 50 inches of rain in some areas.

“This event is unprecedented," the on Sunday. "All impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced."

Here's what you can do to help.

Donate to the Victims

The and currently are taking donations to help with hurricane relief efforts, while has a page dedicated to campaigns for people affected by the storm. According to the , diapers are so they are taking donations to put together disaster relief kits with diapers for families with small children. is also seeking donations to help those hit the hardest in the Texas coastal region.

Donate Blood

center is currently looking for blood donors.

S. TX Blood & Tissue can use 400-500 units per day (~350 yesterday). Plans for extended hrs again tomorrow starting at 7am.

— Liz Petroff (@RealLizPetroff)

Open Your Home to Storm Victims

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If you check in between now and September 1, 2017, is waiving all service fees for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. You can also list open rooms in your house on Airbnb to welcome people whose homes were damaged by the hurricane or subsequent flooding.

Airbnb has activated our host community to open their homes for $0 for those evacuating for Hurricane Harvey.

— Airbnb Help (@AirbnbHelp)

Donate to Animal Shelters

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As of Saturday, has transported over 235 animals to their shelter from shelters affected by Hurricane Harvey and expect an influx of animals as flooding gets worse. They are currently looking for financial donations to help take care of the new animals and are also looking for people willing to adopt pets to help alleviate crowding in the shelter. You can also donate to the .

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