Watch The NYC Subway Transport Millions Of People In This Video From 1949

Surprisingly, it doesn't look all that different from today's commute.

nyc subway
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Taking the metro is a staple element of urban life, but this type of commute (along with its crowded subway cars, hot temperatures and rush hour bustle) is nothing new.

In a archives film uncovered by , you can watch the fascinating daily operations of the New York City subway in 1949. Perhaps the most surprising part of the film is that it doesn't look all that different from the city's metro commute today — save a few top hats and metro tokens, which were completely replaced with paper cards in 2003.

The '40s were a particularly busy time for the NYC metro. According to the video, about 5.5 million people rode the subway on an average weekday — a record that was only just surpassed in 2015 when 5.7 million took the subway daily. Today, the subway still runs on the system that was built in the 1930s.

Take a step back in time with the intriguing video, below.


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