Delve Into The Genius Of Wes Anderson With This New Book

The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at the director's Oscar-nominated film.

Martin Scali

From his signature title sequence typeface (Futura) to hismeticulous attention to set and costume design, Wes Anderson is an obsessivelydetailed filmmaker—and his fans are equally obsessive about his films. Lastyear's The Wes Anderson Collection, byfilm critic Matt Zoller Seitz, is the ultimate guide to the director's body ofwork, including Rushmore, The RoyalTenebaums, and Moonrise Kingdom.Seitz packed the book with lengthy interviews, behind-the-scenes photos, and otherAnderson-ania. Now Seitz has devoted an entire book to the filmmaker's latestrelease. (Abrams) takes a thorough look at what Seitz calls"the culmination of Wes Anderson's career to date … a twelve-layer wedding cakeof a film." A three-part interview with the director is complemented byconversations with cast and crew (including actor Ralph Fiennes), stills frommovies that inspired Anderson, and much more. Let's hope Seitz continues theseries with each new Anderson film.

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