This New Amazon Collection Is The Answer To All Of Your Spring Party Needs

Your Easter table has to have these plastic (yes, plastic!) forks.


Say goodbye to cheap paper plates and boring plastic cutlery! with , an award-winning DIY blog by Ashley Rose, is packed with multi-functional and adorable dishware, serveware, and more. The options are endless — choose from soft colors, bold patterns, and eclectic designs. Whether you're hosting brunch, Easter, or bridal shower, this line is a must for any hostess with the mostest who also wants to avoid post-party cleanup (a.k.a everyone).

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1 Flatware
amazon sugar and cloth flatware
Amazon/ Sugar & Cloth

This 36-piece plastic cutlery set looks like the real thing with metallic gold accents and all. Choose the color palette — black, white, mint, or peach — that best fits your fête.

$10 for 36-piece set

2 Champagne Glasses
amazon sugar and cloth champagne glass 
Amazon/ Sugar & Cloth

Forget late-night dish duty — serve some bubbly in these elegant disposable champagne glasses. They can also be used for ice cream sundaes or sorbet — a two-for-one deal!

$10 for four

3 Paper Plates
amazon sugar and cloth paper plates
Amazon/ Sugar & Cloth

Bring the party to your table with these colorful, gold foil-lined dinner and dessert plates. A hodgepodge of shapes and color (ah, the marble!) will add whimsy to even the most elegant affair.

$10 for 16

4 Paper Straws
amazon sugar and cloth straws 
Amazon/ Sugar & Cloth

Sip on cocktails, fizzy drinks, and even plain ol' soda with these adorable paper straws. How sweet!

$10 for 125

5 Dessert Cups
amazon sugar and cloth dessert cups
Amazon/ Sugar & Cloth

Up the ante with these cute-as-a-button dessert cups, perfect for ice cream, puddings, parfaits, and more. Plus, each cup comes with a matching spoon!

$17 for four

6 Napkins
amazon sugar and cloth napkins
Amazon/ Sugar & Cloth

These gorgeous napkins double as decor. Take your pick: bright patterns, scalloped edges, or pastel hues (or all of the above).

$10 for 32

7 Cake Stands
amazon sugar and cloth cake stands 
Amazon/ Sugar & Cloth

This no-fuss cake stand can be used time and time again. Just take off the base, wash it, and pack it away until you have another reason to celebrate!


8 Tumblers
amazon sugar and cloth tumblers
Amazon/ Sugar & Cloth

Charm your party guests with these beautiful ombre glasses. Or go all out with the line's funky cacti and diamond tumblers. No matter what you choose, they'll be a hit (especially when paired with a matching straw).

$13 for four

9 Serving Tray and Condiment Cups
amazon sugar and cloth condiment cups 
Amazon/ Sugar & Cloth

Because ketchup deserves its own dish — obviously. Serve all of the dinner or dessert fixins' in these retro-inspired bowls. Think: Taco bars, ice cream sundae bars, or even mimosa bars.


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