25 Sophisticated Thanksgiving Decorations For A Stylish Holiday

Turkey day has never looked so glam.

thanksgiving decorations
Lindsey Grace Photography

It's time to set aside the paper turkeys and fake leaves for more sophisticated Thanksgiving decor. Here, you'll find 25 refined decoration ideas, from festive tablescapes to chic bar carts. Start the holiday season off on a stylish note this year!

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thanksgiving decorations
Lindsey Grace Photography
White Tablescape

A white tablescape is a classic look no matter the time of year, but is especially elegant during the holidays. On , she paired white tableware with faux pumpkins that she spray-painted gold for an especially decadent look.

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thanksgiving decorations
Outdoor Decor

If you're lucky enough to have weather that allows for outdoor dining, take the opportunity! Set out a farmhouse-style table accented with a few cozy indoor chairs and blankets for extra warmth, like at this fall wedding vignette photographed by .

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thanksgiving decorations
Vintage House
Cinnamon Details

Just because you want a memorable Thanksgiving table, doesn't mean you need to go out and buy all new table dressings. You just need to give your usual napkins a little extra pizazz. Sandra Nilsson from tied her cloth napkins in string and then tucked a sprig of greenery and a stick of cinnamon, for an understated but festive feel.

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thanksgiving decorations
Dessert Station

Forget a plate of cookies, set up an entire dessert presentation for your Thanksgiving day guests. Clear out your usual display cabinet, and fill it with tasty treats like caramel apples and cupcakes, like in this wedding from .

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thanksgiving decorations
Formal Flatware

Even if your Thanksgiving dinner is usually a little more casual, up the fancy factor by breaking out your good china and flatware. It will make the day feel even more special, like this gold, white, and black setting shot by .

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thanksgiving decorations
Sarina Cass of Red Anchor Photo

Place chestnuts still in their shell at each setting for an unexpectedly rustic touch. The table decor gets even more stylish when paired with beautiful fall shades like dusty purple and amber.

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thanksgiving decorations
Victoria Mello Photography
Glam Thanksgiving

A palette of rich purple with gold accents sets the perfect scene for an indulgent, glamorous holiday. In this tablescape, a spiked table ring adds a modern element of surprise to the gold and white plates.

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thanksgiving decorations
Inspired By Charm
Rustic Bar Cart

Create a bar cart that is the ideal blend of rustic and modern by adding copper touches, a few golden pumpkins and a vase of wheat, as shown in this vignette from .

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thanksgiving decorations
Buff Strickland
Forest Themed Thanksgiving

Fallen leaves and pinecones aren't the only foliage fitting for a beautiful Thanksgiving. Moss also creates a woodsy yet elegant setting when paired with gold accents and white flatware, such as in this tablescape. Get the full how-to from .

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thanksgiving decorations
Style Me Pretty/Bring To Light Photography
Purple And Pink Thanksgiving

Add a brush of rose and purple to your Thanksgiving decor by taking inspiration from this tablescape by , which seamlessly blends sweet pastel pink and deep burgundy purple into a traditional red and orange color scheme.

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thanksgiving decorations
Michele M. Waite
Candlesticks As Centerpieces

Short on time? An array of golden candlesticks on your Thanksgiving table can light up the entire room in minutes. Gift each guest with a small flower arrangement on their plates to celebrate the season of giving before anyone even picks up a fork. See full instructions for this project from .

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thanksgiving decorations
Sarah Culver for Glitter Guide

Try your hand at caligraphy to create a Thanksgiving like Caitlin Moran of did with this gold and white stunner.

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thanksgiving decorations
Bountiful Thanksgiving

The bounties of the season don't need to be limited to a cornucopia. Pomegranates, apples, sunflowers, cranberries and other fruits and plants gather as the centerpiece on this Thanksgiving table.

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thanksgiving decorations
Getty Images
Muted Bouquet Decor

For those who want something different from the typical Thanksgiving color palette, a bouquet of greens and neutral tones is the perfect option.

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thanksgiving decorations

Opt for a meaningful DIY, like this handmade placemat, from Clarita at , which gives guests the chance to reflect on what they're thankful for before digging into dinner.

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thanksgiving decorations
Karin Lidbeck-Brent
Enwrapped Pumpkins

Arrange a series of white pumpkins in the center of your table before wrapping them in branches. Accent the centerpiece with a few votive candles to give it that dinnertime glow.

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thanksgiving decorations
Etsy/Mrs. Freund
Glittery Thanksgiving

Bring some glamour to your Turkey Day table with a shimmery tablecloth in your favorite autumnal hue. We love this bronze version from .

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thanksgiving decorations
Coco Kelley
Wishbone Nameplate

A whimsical take on a classic Thanksgiving symbol, wishbones are used as nameplates in this sophisticated holiday dinner setting by .

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thanksgiving decorations
Getty Images
Pretty Pie Decorations

Your food deserves a little decoration too. Use leaf-shaped cookie cutters to punch out a little extra crust for a festive pie topper.

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thanksgiving decorations
Getty Images
Three-Tiered Stand Decor

These elegant stands aren't just for springtime tea parties. Fill a three-tiered stand with fall fruits and vegetables for a pretty centerpiece, particularly for an outdoor Thanksgiving gathering.

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Courtesy Jen Going Interiors

Pair something completely unexpected — like a faux fur table runner — with classic patterned China, for a look that combines the best of both worlds, like designer did for this Thanksgiving table.

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thanksgiving decorations
Getty Images
Wild Thanksgiving

For all-natural styling this holiday, incorporate branches, leaves and other plants from your own backyard into floral arrangements. It's a decor technique that (literally) brings the beauty of the outdoors inside.

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thanksgiving decorations
The Makerista
Glam Traditional Thanksgiving

Traditional motifs like the deer on the plates and the classic candlestick are made glam with bright purple candles, golden flatware and goblets in this Thanksgiving tablescape by .

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thanksgiving decorations
Getty Images
Tangerine Orange Thanksgiving

Pumpkins aren't your only option when it comes to adding a splash of orange to the tablescape. If you're short on baby pumpkins, fill a vase with with tangerines and pinecones for a similar decorative effect.

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thanksgiving decorations
Coco Kelley
Flannel Thanksgiving Table

Few patterns say "cozy fall" better than classic flannel, and in this tablescape from , it stars in both the tablecloth and the salad plates. The pattern is complemented with brass candlesticks and flatware, classic fall motifs like crisp yellow leaves and white baby pumpkins.

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