23 Thanksgiving Centerpieces For A Chic Holiday Dinner

Celebrate the bounties of your dinner table in style.


No matter how you're celebrating, these easy and elegant centerpiece ideas and flower arrangements will bring your family and friends together in style. Plus, get inspired by even more chic Thanksgiving decorating ideas!

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Style Me Pretty Living/JoPhoto
Baby Pumpkins And Candlesticks

For a (quite literally) elevated look, combine tall candlesticks of different hues with a baby pumpkin on a candlestick holder. It adds a punch of fun to this sophisticated look by .

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Fruitful Arrangement

For a dramatic Thanksgiving centerpiece, take inspiration from this arrangement by . By piling fruits, flowers and foliage into one arrangement, you will reflect the bounties of the season in style.

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Lindsey Grace Photography
Antlers And Eucalyptus

Lay out a spread of greenery, like the dried eucalyptus used here, then layer it with other fall decor like faux antlers and recycled Halloween pumpkins spray-painted white and gold. An unusual combo that is still somehow perfectly autumnal!

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Ariel Dearie
Branches And Florals

Looking for a Thanksgiving centerpiece that's a little more dramatic than your usual pick? has you covered with this floral piece that uses entire branches of fall foliage, so there's no question what season you're celebrating.

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Personal Centerpieces

Swap out a grand centerpiece for a personalized one at each place setting. From , this tablescape features a glass bowl filled with moss and a petite gold pumpkin, for a glam Thanksgiving feel.

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Julie Blanner
Earthy Option

By the end of November, you might want to shake up the traditional pumpkin decor. This earthy option from still feels like fall, even without gourds.

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Outdoor Dining

If you're lucky enough to be able to celebrate outdoors, a giant lantern centerpiece both adds a country feel and provides lighting, as shot by here.

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Home Goods
Simple And Chic

Sometimes, it's best to go classic. Abby Larson of keeps her table simple and chic with a red, white and pink arrangement.

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Leila Brewster
Foliage Arrangement

Fall foliage can play a crucial part in a well-designed Thanksgiving centerpiece. In this design by , an overflowing centerpiece of flowers and leaves is contrasted by dainty, lean candles situated in gold candlestick holders.

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Leila Brewster

Pairing branches with metallic elements creates the perfect blend of woodsiness and glam, as with this gorgeous centerpiece by .

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Braedon Flynn
Rustic Floral Arrangements

A rustic compote paired with pastel pink and white flowers — and dotted with just a hint of autumnal red — makes this classic centerpiece by sweet and festive.

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Nyla Free Designs Inc.
Sunflower Arrangement

Cheerful sunflowers mixed with small gourds and candles, like this setting by , creates a beautiful scene for a more casual gathering.

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Becky Kimball/Little Peanut Magazine
Pretty Hues

Orange is one of fall's go-to colors, but proves all it takes are a few pops of the hue to get your table in the Thanksgiving spirit.

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Layla Palmer/The Lettered Cottage
Various Heights

Incorporating elements of different heights gives the eye something to focus on at all times, and allows for more of your to be mixed in without overwhelming guests.

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Getty Images
Pink And Orange Blooms

Pink may not spring to mind when you think of Thanksgiving decor, but it makes a perfect pairing with traditional orange.

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Gloribella Lebron/Know How She Does It
All Gold

A warm, golden-hued centerpiece, like this one from , will inspire all your friends and family to cozy up to the table upon first glance.

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Amy Kim/Homey Oh My!
Pops Of Color

Fall might be associated with dark, warm tones, but shiny elements will make your Thanksgiving table glimmer. Amy Kim of added gold accents to her centerpiece for extra glitz.

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Style Me Pretty Living/Jeremiah & Rachel Photography
Flowers And Grapefruit

Bring a touch of glam to your Thanksgiving with a sparkly table dressing and bright flowers that deviate from the typical autumn palette. This centerpiece by uses a variety of pink, yellow, red, white and orange flowers, and is flanked by sunny grapefruit.

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Style Me Pretty Living/White Loft Studio
Fall Flora

A white compote adds a classic touch to this bouquet of fruit, branches and blooms by .

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Leila Brewster
Pomegranates And Pinecones

For a creative take on the classic bounties of Thanksgiving, fill a glass close with autumnal fruits as did with this colorful and unique centerpiece.

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Loi Thai/Tone On Tone
All White Centerpiece

For the minimal host, an makes a stylish statement. Plus, you never have to worry about colors clashing.

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Getty Images
Pumpkin Candle Holders

If you'd like to try your hand at a holiday DIY, scoop out a few baby pumpkins to create pretty candle holders, and your guests will be calling you Hostess With The Mostess.

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thanksgiving centerpieces
Getty Images
Autumn Pears And Candles

Pair sweet autumn pears with muted yellow pillar candles for a centerpiece that's simple yet elegant, and bright yet not overbearing.

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