Ladurée Now Makes Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

Marie Antoinette would approve.


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day has already come and gone, but we're okay with celebrating a made-up holiday a few days late when it involves macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Ladurée, the gourmet French bakery that now has eight US locations in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington D.C., recently debuted their take on the classic summer treat which involves sandwiching ice cream between two extra-large versions of their light and flaky macaron cookies.

It's called the Macaron Glacé and Ladurée has already dubbed it "the ultimate ice cream sandwich," according to their Instagram page.

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The Macaron Glacé joins their summer menu that already includes adorable ice cream cups topped off with one of their regular-sized macaron halves.

BRB, we'll just be eating an all-macaron diet the rest of the summer.

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