Thanksgiving Wine Pairings — A Complete Guide

No matter what you're serving this Thanksgiving, we've got you covered.

thanksgiving wine pairings

In October, when the average hostess with the mostess first starts planning a perfect Thanksgiving table, introducing wine pairings to the mix sounds like a great idea. Then, the last Thursday in November rolls around, and you find yourself up to your elbows in giblets, with no clear idea whether you even have wine on hand, much less an exquisitely orchestrated list of meal pairings.

Fortunately, we can help take some of the mystery out of the equation. Thanks to the genius sommeliers at , we have a perfect wine list waiting in the wings, ready to dazzle guests and give your carefully crafted feast the alcoholic accompaniment it deserves.

Whether you prefer a traditional turkey-and-stuffing menu, or plan to skip the bird in favor of ham and sweet potato pie, our Thanksgiving wine pairings will appeal to every palate.

Main Courses

thanksgiving wine pairings
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For Lamb Shanks: Sans Script Petit Verdot

Winc says: "Sans Script is bold yet balanced, and the wine’s tasting notes of allspice, blackberry and oak elevate the lamb’s taste."

For Flank Steak: Matchlock Cabernet Sauvignon

Winc says: "This complex wine boasts tasting notes of black cherry, oak and spice, all of which perfectly please the palate when paired with a meaty main course, like the flank steak."

For Farmhouse Ham: Summer Water Rosé

Winc says: "Summer Water’s tasting notes of lemon rind, pink grapefruit and rose heighten the ham’s flavor without overwhelming it."

For Roasted Turkey: Folly Of The Beast Pinot Noir

Winc says: "This Pinot Noir’s bright acidity and gentle tannins [enhance the juiciness of the turkey] and the wine’s tasting notes of cherry, clove further complement the dish."

Small Plates

thanksgiving wine pairings
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For Green Bean Casserole: Diviner Sauvignon Blanc

Winc says: "The heaviness of this particular dish beautifully underscores the acidity of sauvignon blanc."

For Brussels Sprouts Gratin: L’Atelier Du Sud Chardonnay

Winc says: "The robust flavor profile of the brussel sprouts comes alive when paired with a bottle of un-oaked chardonnay from the Macon region of Burgundy."

For Sweet Potato Pie: Salient Chardonnay

Winc says: "This wine is crisp and bright, which complements the dense sweet potato dish."

Side Dishes

thanksgiving wine pairings
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For Sheet Pan Stuffing: Capuchon Carignane

Winc says: "The big flavors of this side’s herbs and spices pair well with this vibrant wine’s bright acidity, long and learn finish and tasting notes of pink pepper and pomegranate."

For Cranberry Sauce: Funk Zone Rosé

Winc says: This light and fresh rosé blend, with its tasting notes of rose petal and strawberry, is anexcellent pair for the tart and tangy flavor of cranberry sauce.

For Roasted Carrots: Brethren Of The Road Grenache

Winc says: Carrots are a can’t-miss companion for the hints of black pepper and cherry notes in this refreshing red.


thanksgiving wine pairings
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For Pecan Pie: The Independent Zinfandel

Winc says: "This particular wine’s rich notes of fig are a tasty match for pecans, while hints of preserved red cherry bring a fruity element to the mix."

For Blueberry Plum Crumble: Finke’s Widow Sparkling

Winc says: "The delicate crumble and the chewy texture of the preserves go nicely with a light, sparkling wine like Finke’s Widow."

For Pumpkin Pie: Honey Beast White Wine Blend

Winc says: "This classic holiday pie is the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving celebration, especially when its nutmeg and ginger are tasted in conjunction with this dry white wine’s fruit and nut flavors."

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