We've Been Saying "Scone" Wrong This Entire Time

Do you pronounce it similar to "gone" or "bone"?


Do you say scone, as in "gone," or scone, as in "bone"?

It's a pronunciation question that has sparked arguments for years, but reports there is finally some guidance on the highly-debated matter. According to a recent study by , scone (pronounced gone), is the mostly commonly used version and is preferred by 51% of the population in the United Kingdom.

The results also found that location is key when it comes to influencing how people say the word. 60% of people living in the Northern U.K. and 80% of those living in Scotland use the "gone" pronunciation, while in the Midlands and London, over half of the population use the "bone" option. Social grade is also important, with people from a middle class background also more likely to use "gone."

It's important how those across the pond say it, as that's where the delight originated. But more importantly than how you say it, is how you eat it: Jam or cream first?

Jam first, known as the Cornish method, was found to be the favorite, with more than six in 10 siding with this application. Just one in five said they prefer the Devon approach of putting the cream on before the jam. The afternoon tea staple might be delicious, but it doesn't come without its complications.

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