Wine Bottles Wrapped In Short Stories Help You Read While You Drink

All you need for a cozy night in.

Wine bottle with story attached
Reverse Innovations

A glass of wine and a good book is the ultimate treat on a quiet evening in, and thanks to one Italian wine company, there's a brand new way to enjoy this great pairing.

The Matteo Correggia winery has teamed up with product design agency Reverse Innovation to create a range of wines called .

Each bottle, which is half the size of a full bottle, has been wrapped in a short story to complement the style of the wine. And there's even a clever reason behind the smaller bottles: They contain around two glasses of wine, which is the perfect amount to get you through each "label book."

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"Characteristics of each wine are matched to a narrative genre to create a perfectly balanced experience based on the sensory impressions and scenarios imagined in the stories," says the company.

There's something for everyone in the wine collection, too. Three authors have contributed to the project which gives readers the chance to to choose from the fable of "The Frog in the Belly," an intriguing mystery called "The Murder" or the romantic story of the trio, "I Love You. Forget Me."

This wine and literature combination sounds dreamy, but there is one downside — the stories have been written in Italian. Fingers crossed this idea makes its way to the United States next year.

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