These New Prosecco Popsicles Are Going To Be Your Summer Obsession

There's a rosé version, too!

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Last summer was the slushy rosé that nearly broke the internet — and will likely come close again this year. are the original way to get buzzed in the warm weather. And a now new line of push-pops is serving up your favorite bubbly in frozen form.

Created by the U.K.-based company Pops, these icy treats actually contain alcohol (about 4 percent each). They're available in your favorite wines like rosé,

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A post shared by (@popspoparazzi) on

But there are also cocktail flavors like Moscow Mule and a vodka . The catch, of course, is that — like most of our favorite things lately () — they're only available in the U.K. for now.

Before you start mourning all of your crushed beach trip and picnic party dreams, you could try ; but your best bet might be to wait until they make their way overseas — or you could always book a trip abroad. 😉

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