This Suburban Home Is Hiding a Colorful Surprise Inside

Don't judge a house by its typical white siding.


If you passed this boxy white house on any suburban street, you'd probably assume you'd find beige walls, maple cabinets, and a lot of wall-to-wall carpeting inside. Maybe a fireplace, if the homeowners were lucky. Little would you know that one of the neighborhood's most delightful secrets is hiding right inside.

The building was actually once a set of apartments, but essentially removed a chunk from the middle of the structure (like you'd remove a Jenga piece) to turn some the units into open, communal space. Newly formed angles and walls were then painted in a rainbow of hues, creating a playful kaleidoscope effect across the interior.

We're sure the pop-art inspired design would takes some getting used to, but it might be worth it to see your neighbors eyes bug out the first time you invite them over.

Take a look inside:




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