Ryan Reynolds Is Every Dad Trying to Put Together an IKEA Crib

Spoiler alert: He needs a beer by the end of it.

Tell us you haven't had the urge to call IKEA and drop this truth bomb on them: "I think the biggest issue that I'm having right now is that the crib didn't come assembled."

That's exactly the sentiment Ryan Reynolds relays in this funny short produced by . A new dad himself, Reynolds represents all of us: People who want the best (and most cost-efficient) things for our kids. But the shenanigans (and, warning, quite a bit of cursing) that transpire come time to open the also hit close to home.

In the end, his solution to assembling the crib isn't exactly a safe one (let's just say duct tape is involved), but it still wants to make us cheer with solidarity. And what's more comforting — or hilarious — than that?

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