Meet The Woman Whose Voice You Hear On Every Episode Of "House Hunters"

Andromeda Dunker has been the show's narrator since 2009.

House Hunters

If you're obsessed with "House Hunters" (), chances are you're familiar with this voice:

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But you've probably never seen the face behind it — until now. , and she opened up about how she got the gig and what she thinks about it now.

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Her name is Andromeda Dunker, and yes, she was named after the galaxy, because her mother is an astrophysicist. And she was somewhat of a child prodigy, going to college at 15 to study linguistics, and later took up a drama major. She's fluent in French, Chinese, English and Russian, which helps her to narrate "House Hunters International."

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Dunker was auditioning as an actress when a casting agent encouraged her to try voiceovers, and then got a call in 2009 from her agent about "House Hunters." She had to send them a tape of herself in five minutes. "So we raced back to my friend's house. I sat in my goddaughter's room with a Hello Kitty blanket over my head and I recorded this "House Hunters" script audition really quickly and sent it in," she told BuzzFeed. "So I almost missed it."

She got the job, making her the show's third narrator ever, after Suzanne Whang and Colette Whitaker. Nowadays, she works on 10 to 20 episodes of "House Hunters" and its spinoffs every week from either her home studio or the production company's Hollywood offices. She lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and their two dogs.

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Dunker is an intensely private person, and said she feels uncomfortable touting her own skills. But she says her voice has a lot of fans. "A lot of people have told me that they watch it in the background or at night and it lulls them to sleep," she said. "I've had a lot of people tell me that I'm tucking them in at night or that I'm giving them a big hug."

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