The Most Popular Flowers For Each Month Of Summer

These are the beautiful blooms you'll be seeing all season long.

Christine Noelle, florist and owner/creative director of Chicago's , opens up about the blooms people just love to see in their bouquets during warm-weather season.
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Dorling Kindersley
"A coveted blossom for the bride, a ranunculus is simply charming," Noelle says. The impactful flowers can last .
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Gentl and Hyers
These blooms are bold, but also delicate. To expend the papery flower's vase life, seal the cut end of the stem by .
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Cora Niele
June: Peonies
"Another favorite flower of many brides-to-be, the peony never ceases to delight. They come in whites, pinks, corals, reds and even yellow, and they're a true sign that summer has arrived," Noelle says. "They're the best in June."
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Dilly Lily
July: Calla Lillies
They are the very definition of elegance, with an architectural stem that's just as interesting as the bloom itself. For the longest vase life, cut stems in a bath of warm water, then place in a container of cool water in the refrigerator for up to two hours.
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Dilly Lily
July: Succulents
Though they're not technically flowers, these stunning plants have become a trendy alternative to traditional arrangements. Summer's worst heat is no match for them — they grow in the desert, after all. Spritz with water for enduring beauty.
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Dilly Lily
July: Orchids
"It's not your typical garden flower, but we often use the orchid, to celebrate the intensity of summer. Their vibrant colors make us want to don our shades and put an umbrella in our drink," Noelle says.
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Istiak Ahmed / Eyeem
July: Chrysanthemums
Noelle particularly recommends the white football mum. "It's good under pressure and can stand up to the heat, making it an excellent choice for the outdoor summer fête in July."
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Dilly Lily
August: Hydrangeas
"These big blossoms are a staple in our floral design," Noelle says. She offers a tip for keeping them looking lovely: If your hydrangea starts to droop prematurely, remove it from the arrangement, submerge it into cool water for 10 minutes, give it a fresh cut and place it back in your vase so it will pop back to life.
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Dilly Lily
August: Garden Roses
"Not all roses are created equal," Noelle says. "The garden rose, with its high petal count and dreamy fragrance, outshine other varieties. If you are lucky you can find an heirloom variety plucked from some of the oldest bushes; several date back to the Roman Empire."
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Erika Craddock
These multi-petaled beauties make a big impact in a vase. They'll look their best when you give them a hydrating "bath" before arranging. Simply remove any foliage, then submerge the stems in .
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Rachel Slepekis
"We praise the zinnia for being a trooper in the garden and for being relatively easy to grow. Their bursts of color and assortment fill us and our clients with glee," Noelle says. You can extend their vase life by dipping the cut edge of the stem in boiling water for 20 seconds. This helps contain the within the flower. If you're planning to kick off the season by sending blooms to your favorite people, offers access to local artisan florists in your neighborhood (such as ).
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