The Best Fall Candles to Buy Right Now

From pumpkin chai to earthy cedar, these scents are the perfect way to embrace fall.

fall candles
Barneys New York; One Kings Lane; Neiman Marcus

Regardless of your design aesthetic, there's nothing like the perfect scented candle to make your home more inviting. Whether you're partial to earthy home fragrances or more subtle aromas, we've rounded up some of our favorite scented candles for the fall season.

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fall candles
Pumpkin Chai

$64, Pumpkin Chai Candle, NEST via Bloomingdale's

There's nothing better than a luxurious three-wick candle that'll fill your home with a comforting blend of wild pumpkin and spicy masala chai. Plus, it has a burn time of between 80 - 100 hours.

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fall candles
Incense & Embers

$67, Incense & Embers Candle, Jo Malone London via Nordstrom

Jo Malone London has a cult following for a reason. This 45-hour candle from the brand features a smoky scent with a touch of silver fir, white pepper, nappa leather, vetiver and golden amber.

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fall candles
Tomato Leaves, Basil & Lemongrass

$290, Gucci Herbosum Scented Candle,

This Gucci candle is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home. Its aroma of tomato leaves, basil and lemongrass is ideal for fall, and its green and white floral-print vessel will add interest to a space.

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fall candles
One Kings Lane
Sandalwood & Teak

$58, Moonscape Jar Candle, One Kings Lane

Housed in an eye-catching gold vessel, this candle embodies the fall season with its notes of sandalwood and teak.

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fall candles
Frankincense, Cade, Birch Tar and Cedar Wood​

$180, Perfumer H Ash Scented Candle,

From its grey hand-blown glass vessel to its rich aroma of frankincense, cade, birch tar and cedar wood, this is easily one of the most sophisticated candle choices of the fall season.

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fall candles
Barneys New York
Fig, Laurel Leaves, & Clary Sage

$95, Eau D'Égée Candle No. 3, L'OBJET via Barneys New York

Packaged in an elegant porcelain vessel and gold lid, this earthy, Aegean Sea-inspired candle mixes notes of notes of fig and laurel leaves, clary sage, coriander seed, and white pepper.

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fall candles
Persimmon & Copal

$22, Persimmon & Copal Candle, Voluspa

From its embossed glass vessel featuring a scalloped edge to its notes of Japanese persimmon, lychee flower and red copal, this candle is the perfect fall accent.

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fall candles
Palo Santo, Vanilla & Musk

$60, Woodstove Scented Candle, No. 22 via Net-A-Porter

This candle, housed in No. 22's signature cable-knit motif, will instantly remind you of a fireplace's aroma. Infused with oil from Palo Santo trees, its warm scent is made up of vanilla and musk as well as cedar, birch tar, moss and cinnamon.

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fall candles
Amber Dunes

$26 - $34, Knotwork LA Etched Ceramic Candle, Anthropologie

Packaged in a trendy etched ceramic jar, this candle has notes of bergamot, velvety peach, tobacco flower, golden amber, and sandalwood.

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fall candles
Wood & Ancient Paper

$80, Noir Ottoman, Kilian via Net-A-Porter

Embrace the fall season with this sleek candle that will fill your space with the unexpected scent of lacquered wood and ancient paper along with rose notes and wood accord.

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fall candles

$35 - $65, Feu de Bois Candle, Diptyque via Nordstrom

For those nights when a bonfire just isn't feasible, this candle brings the crackling fire and open air right to you.

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fall candles
Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood

$35, The Ritual of Happy Buddha Scented Candle, Rituals via Ulta

Create a cozy atmosphere with the warm fragrance of sweet orange and cedar wood.

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fall candles
Williams Sonoma
Apple, Raspberry & Spice

$16, Monogram Candle, Williams Sonoma

Add a personal touch to your decor with a monogrammed candle featuring an interesting combination of apple, raspberry, spice, clove, amber and cashmere.

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fall candles
Boy Smells
Celery, Parsley & Purple Carrots

$29, Stalker Candle, Boy Smells via Nordstrom

With sleek packaging and a unique fragrance of celery stalk, parsley and purple carrots, this candle is a must for the fall season.

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fall candles
Skeem Design
Cedar & Citron

$46, Cedar & Citron Cove Candle, Skeem Design

Forests and rugged beaches should come to mind when you smell this candle, which features a printed maple wood lid. Its blend of balsam, fir and pine, along with earthy cedar, tonka and bright lemon, make for the perfect fall scent.

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fall candles
Barneys New York
Orange Blossom, Amber & Cedarwood

$60, Fable Terrific Scented Candle, Ellis Brooklyn via Barneys New York

Hand-poured in upstate New York, this candle's orange blossom scent is balanced with crisp amber and cedarwood.

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Bergdorf Goodman
Rose & Wood

$70, Rose & Wood Candle, EB Florals via Bergdorf Goodman

This luxurious candle celebrates the essence of rose with just a touch of wood scent.

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fall candles
Barneys New York
Peppercorn, Ginger, & Musk

$75, Black Peppercorn Three-Wick Candle, Molton Brown via Barneys New York

This three-wick candle evokes the scent of a spice-spiked autumn breeze with hints of ginger, amber and bergamot, a base note of musk.

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Rosemary, Rum, & Vanilla

$85, Bohemia Candle, Byredo via Neiman Marcus

Afraid to stray from your signature Byredo scent? Try one of their mini sizes, like "Bohemia," a perfectly autumnal concoction of vanilla, sandalwood, rum and rosemary.

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fall candles
David Pirrotta
Cinnamon, Egyptian Geranium, & Lemon

$80, Le Salon En Hiver Candle, David Mallett

This candle might have a minimalist design, but it's full of unexpected scents. From Egyptian geranium to tobacco, it's the perfect combo of floral and spicy.

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fall candles
Joya Studio
Gardenia, Orange Flower, & Tuberose

$88, Robot Tuberose Candle, Joya Studio

Add some fresh florals to a cool fall evening with this hand-poured wax candle, boasting a beautiful blend of gardenia, orange flower, and tuberose.

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fall candles
ACDC Candle Co.
Fresh Pine Needles & Cut Grass

$36, Forest Path Scented Soy Jar Candle, Aesthetic Content via AhaLife

Replicate a relaxing walk through the woods without actually having to leave home, with this soy candle that features notes of cedar wood, spruce, pine needles, and cut grass.

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fall candles
Leather & Vanilla

$85, Biblioteque Candle, Diptyque via Neiman Marcus

Leather evokes memories of curling up in a cozy recliner by the fireplace, and combining the scent with vanilla makes those recollections even sweeter.

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fall candles
Urban Outfitters
Marigold & Roses

$22, Wild Flowers Candle, Urban Outfitters

This rose-scented soy candle is hand-poured over wild marigolds.

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