20 of The Most Haunted Homes Across The Country

The spookiest haunted houses and their terrifying stories.


The spookiest haunted houses and their terrifying stories from the East Coast to the West.

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Yes, this is the house feature in the film, "The Conjuring" —scared yet? The home's troubled past is to thought to be the cause of its hauntings. A past that includes suicide, drownings and many other horrific occurrences involving the Arnold family, the family who owned the home for 8 generations before Roger and Carolyn Perron purchased the home thinking it would be their dream place (little did they know). Read the story

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In a town called "Ghost City," the Jerome Grand Hotel is the most haunted structure. The tales of the supernatural even drew the eye of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. Read the full story

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Queen Mary Facebook

Ok, it's not a house, but this Titanic twin is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in the world with as many as 150 known spirits lurking upon the ship. Legends of America counts at least 49 reported deaths over the past 60 years. That's not counting the various living accounts because the over 80,000 square foot ship doubles as a running hotel and museum. Read

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This charming inn built in 1874 has long-been known for its hauntings. Guests and passersby have reported many ghost sightings in the windows of this Victorian mansion. Others have spoke of unexplainable sounds and smells—even the owner's dog refuses to go into some of the rooms. With only three rooms available for guests to stay, enter if you dare and read the rest of the story

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An A-list spot for haunted house enthusiasts, the has hosted Syfy's Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Naked Skeptic and, to top it all off, it inspired Stephen King's The Shining.

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Massachusetts Paranormal Society

Built in 1890 this mansion now serves as the base for a paranormal group. Once owned by Albert C. Houghton, the home is said to still be occupied by the spirits of its former tenants. The homes' tragic story began on August 1, 1914, after a car, driven by John Widders, the man who looked after their horses, crashed—leaving Houghton's daughter and a family friend dead. The next day Widders was found dead followed by Houghton, nine days later. Read the rest of the story

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Recently haunted, this suburban home was the site of a gruesome murder in 1987. Locals believe that the victim will forever haunt this home. Read

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Named one of the "," is less of a residence than an art gallery. Owner and artist, Samuel Perry Dinsmoor built the home out of carved limestone to imitate a log cabin he called, "the most unique home for living or dead on Earth."

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Rumored to be the scene of a grusom killing and now the place of a cemetery, people have reported being touched and hearing voices when no one else is around. The owner also claims it is haunted. Nhtourguide.com recently did an investigation at the property, read the whole story and see the haunting report

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Nicholas K. Geranios/AP

Although the now owners may deny any paranormal existence, visitors have reported feeling the presence of entities in the chapel and 64-square-foot ballroom.

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This Italianate Victorian manor may seem like a fixer-upper but the former hospital seems to be a welcome home to apparitions, as the "hostess" has been known to greet the living.

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Jeff Bandy

This is remnant of the Gold Rush in the small ghost town of Goldfield—the town isn't the only thing haunted by ghosts.

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Mitchell Tillison

This Pueblo Deco picture was once the crown jewel to a hardworking American family. However, after a tragic boiler room explosion, six-year-old Bobby Darnall, who died in the accident, has been known to terrorize performers at the now performing arts center. The impish spirit is believed to play tricks by tripping performers and causing "technical difficulties" to sets. To appease him, crews leave donuts, toys and candy on the water pipe.

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Amy Gilliam

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this has been on people's most haunted lists for sightings of hazy figures, toilets that flush by themselves, hot and cold spots, and feelings of being touched by someone when no one is there.

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Straight out of The Goonies, the was the setting of the museum where Mikey's father worked with all of its historic spook factor.

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Though the current owners claim that the funeral home-turned-house is not haunted the previous owners reported their son hearing strange noises and seeing shadows in his basement bedroom. The famed paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren spent a night in the home and said they did feel evil spirits but after a séance in 1988, the home was clear. Read the full story

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Babe Ruth, Mae West, Sam Houston, Generals Lee and Grant and Presidents McKinley, Taft, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt all bunkered down with ghostly roommates at the . The 32 reported spirits live the life of luxury among four-poster beds, velvet-covered Victorian sofas, marble-topped tables and period wall coverings.

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This has found fame in recent years for ghostly whispers recruiting paranormal investigators to examine the grounds and inn in case the rumors prove true. Visitors are also asked to take part by bringing cameras, tape recorders and other equipment used to detect the paranormal.

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Owners got more than they bargained for when they moved in to this and found an extra houseguest hovering over the owner's bed.

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After a lovers' quarrel in the 1900s, guests and staff say three lost souls have been seen roaming the halls of the grand hotel. For Halloween, the staff welcomes the ghosts even dressing up mannequins in wedding dresses. Read more

Do you have any haunted home stories of your own? Tell us below!

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