20+ Christmas Gift Ideas Inspired By What Designers Want This Year

Most. Stylish. Wish. List. Ever.

christmas gift ideas

Here are the incredible things designers hope to see under their trees this year.

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christmas gift ideas
Japonisme I

"There's nothing I love more than a bold pop of color to add interest to a neutral room, and Donald Robertson's prints fit the bill. He is one of my absolute favorite artists and Instagram personalities and I'm dying for this acrylic on paper." -


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christmas gift ideas
Dickinson Buffet Table Lamp

"I have a lighting obsession, and the moment these came out I knew I needed them! They are the perfect balance of vintage and modern, and they will be the perfect addition to my vintage rosewood credenza." -    


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christmas gift ideas
Third Eye Vessel Card Holder

"This pretty piece would make a fab display for my square shaped business cards, and it's a gorgeous desk accessory all by itself! Bonus points for form and function." -


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christmas gift ideas
Palmyra Lamp

"Is it over the top? Maybe. Do I care? Nope." - 

Price upon request,

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christmas gift ideas
Classic Avalon Hermès Blanket

"Often times, our clients' family members will call us asking for a gift for the new homeowners, and time and time again I suggest the Hermès blanket. It is timeless and classic, and is something that brings a touch of fashion into the interiors." -


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christmas gift ideas
Billykirk Large Leather Clutch

"A lady can never have too many bags. You can't go wrong with an incredible natural leather — the more it ages, the more incredible the look.  I've had my eyes on this clutch from Billykirk for months." -  


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christmas gift ideas
"Plant: Exploring the Botanical World"

"Coffee table books are one of my favorite things to give and receive. They're reasonably priced and the kind of thing you don't usually buy yourself. This book in particular is gorgeous. Who doesn't love looking at plants and flowers?" -


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christmas gift ideas
Voutsa Pillow

"All I want for Christmas is Voutsa pillows. They are fun, unique and happy conversation starters." -

$400,  (email [email protected] for details) 

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christmas gift ideas
Basalt Wallpaper

"For the holidays I would like a wall of my bedroom done in Calico's Basalt from the Fragment Collection at The Future Perfect. It would be like having a mural-sized piece of art. Its subtle tones are elegant and soothing, and I can't imagine ever getting tired of looking at it." -

Price upon request,

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christmas gift ideas
1948° Canape Plate Set

"These new Canape plates from Jonathan Adler are gorgeous. They maintain simplicity even though they have dramatic splashes of gold on them. They would be inviting and fun on any tabletop." -  


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christmas gift ideas
Classic Clear Quartz Candle Holder

"I love these quartz candle holders from Hudson Grace. I don't have a fireplace, but love the way a group of these light up a room and make it feel special." -


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christmas gift ideas
Powder-Coated Wire Planter

"There's something so great about lifting things off the floor in New York City. It gives a sense of clarity and minimalism. This Japanese-inspired black planter is exactly the level of detail accent I love to infuse into my home!" -


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christmas gift ideas
Marine 100 Coolbox

"The quality and materiality make a utilitarian object into a contributing object for life styling." -


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christmas gift ideas
Round Chambers Mirror

"If I were to receive a big gift, this would be it. It's so chic.  This mirror fits in with so many different personal styles ranging from minimal modern to transitional. There are no limits as to where this piece can go." -


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christmas gift ideas
Turn Around Swivel Club Chair

"This extra comfy chair (upholstered in boucle fabrics) will envelop me on cold winter days. I can just picture myself next to the fire with either a cocktail or good book in hand." -  

Price upon request,

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christmas gift ideas
Marc Henrich Shifting Still

"I'm an avid photography collector, and I'd love to find this under my tree." -  


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christmas gift ideas
Simone Crestani Esca Jar

"This chic little hand-blown piece is the perfect addition to my obsessive glass collection!" -


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christmas gift ideas

"This bike is very sleek, simplistic and modern. I enjoy bike riding through cities to get a sense of the environment and more inspiration for my designs." -


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christmas gift ideas
Bennett Candlesticks

"I love candlesticks because they are practical and I don't think you can have too many! This candlestick has that collected look with an antique finish that makes it timeless and will work in any space for years to come. Candlesticks also make great hostess gifts because most people think of the candle but nothing to hold it." -

$50 each,

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christmas gift ideas
Heather Levine Wall Hanging

"This year for Chrismukkah I'd love a wall hanging by the talented Los Angeles ceramic artist Heather Levine!" -

Price upon request (each is custom-made),

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christmas gift ideas
E. Porselli Italian Ballet Flats

"I want shoes, and these are my favorite ballet flats!" -


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christmas gift ideas
Abd El Kader Classic Candle

"Ambiance is as important to a home as design and decor, and a home is not complete without a deliciously scented candle! Abd El Kader is a magical mix of herbs, spices, fruit and florals!" - Roxy Te Owens, designer and founder of


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