A German Designer Created A Genius Collapsible Bathtub

It would give users the chance to bathe pretty much anywhere.

Carina Deuschl

A bath enthusiast without a bathtub is like a burger without a bun — that is to say: incomplete.

It's a pain point you've likely encountered checking into a hotel room where a shower was the only option. And, if experts are right, it's a problem that could persist with many hotels moving toward .

German designer Carina Deuschl has dreamed up a solution: , a collapsible bathtub crafted out of super light carbon fiber that folds flat when not in use. 

Carina Deuschl

The pop-up tub is also equipped with a pipe, so users can hook it up to a water source, such as a hotel shower, according to , while a padded, machine-washable fabric inlay keeps the water inside. (Living room soak, anyone?)

While Deuschl has yet to announce any plans to mass produce the product, it did recently win the , so we've got our bath-loving fingers crossed that someone will make this portable tub a reality soon.

See the XTEND in action in the video below:

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