7 Of The Most Over-The-Top Airline Amenities You Can Book Right Now

We'll all be able to afford these crazy airline offerings — when pigs fly.

airline offers
Singapore Airlines

If you think flying isn’t fun, it’s probably because you aren’t flying in a 40-foot private suite that's completely closed off from the rest of the plane. Or, you haven't had a personal butler attend to your every in-air whim at 39,000 feet.

These are just some of the ridiculously luxurious first-class packages out there. And while many of us might be stuck in coach forever, we can still dream (and save up our airline points). For inspiration, check out seven of the most over-the-top airline offerings right now.

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airline offers
Emirates Boeing-777 First Class

If you hate interacting with people, Emirates just unveiled the first class suite for you.

On their , the airline has installed 40-foot suites with sliding doors that extend to the cabin ceiling so you're fully closed off from the rest of the plane. Each suite features a full-service mini bar, room service, and a window through which passengers can receive food and drinks without actual human interaction (because peace and quiet are the truest luxuries).

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Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines A380 First Class

' updated first class suites are bigger than most New York city apartments. Just revealed this month, the suites come with a personal closet, a fully-flat 76-inch fold-down bed, an adjustable 32-inch HD monitor, and, of course, mood lighting.

The reclining chair is upholstered in leather by Poltrona Frau, and in addition to crystal stemware, you're provided with PJs, slippers and soft pebbled-leather toiletries kits filled with skincare products.

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airline offerings
Emirates Executive

Ever look at a first class suite and think it's simply too small? Perhaps you want to consider booking . You can live it up in the sky with in-flight showers and luxury spa products, and all of your guests will have private suites with seats that turn into beds. You can customize the space for the occasion, including board tables and video conferencing for in-air meetings.

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Wikimedia Commons
Etihad Airways The Residence Airbus A380

Marketed as “your three-room suite in the sky,” will set you back about $32,000. For that small fortune, you get a living room, bedroom, and bathroom with a full-sized shower and hair dryer. The living room has a leather sofa and two dining tables (why suffer with just one?), as well as a 32-inch flat screen. You also get a Savoy-trained butler to cater to you for the entire flight, and your meals are prepared by a real live chef, not a microwave.

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Wikimedia Commons
Lufthansa First Class

Sometimes the worst part of flying is getting to the airport. Flying takes the edge off by offering flyers a separate terminal where they can take naps and dine in the lounge before hopping in a limo to get to the airport. There, personal assistants are on hand to lead you to your gate. If you are still hungry when you board, you can opt into the caviar service.

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Air France
Air France La Première cabin Boeing 777-300

Arrive at the airport and prepare for your at the Biologique Recherche spa treatment center (nothing like a pre-flight facial to beat dry skin). Once on board, curl up on the memory foam mattress in your private suite and enjoy meals from Daniel Boulud, the renowned Michelin-starred French chef and ELLEDecor contributing editor.

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airline offers
Wikimedia Commons
Qatar Airways First Class

Watching TV and only hanging out with your travel partner can get boring during a long-haul trip. On , first class and business class passengers can sip bubbly at the Sky Lounge until it's finally time to go curl up in their Frette linen-laden beds.

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