4 One-Of-A-Kind Hotel Spas

Emily C. Brands and Jennifer Garcia-Alonso of The Purple Passport have been everywhere. So who better to highlight 4 of the most one-of-a-kind hotel spas?

Emily C. Brands and Jennifer Garcia-Alonso of The Purple Passport have been everywhere. So who better to highlight 4 of the most one-of-a-kind hotel spas?
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The influence of couture designer Christian Dior is abundantly apparent at the . A dramatic relaxation area boasts vaulted ceilings, heated marble floors, and gleaming white decor with pops of pink. In the treatment rooms, guests recline on iconic Christian Dior medallion chairs and wrap themselves in a sumptuous Dior towel. Plus, the expert anti-aging treatments will leave anyone feeling runway ready.

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Whimsical wonderland at , Palm Beach

The baroque-inspired design at the 42,000-square-foot marries elegance with whimsy. In the Self-Centered Garden, a kind of grown-up playground, guests will find lush greenery and fantasy-inspired touches like birdcage-style swinging chairs over reflecting pools, an oversized chess set, and an indoor whirlpool.

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completely transports their guests: First across the river by boat, then back one century to the restored teak house where the spa is situated, and finally to a place of relaxed bliss with treatments that incorporate ancient Thai traditions. Upgrade to a specialty suite with a private Jacuzzi and steam room to complete the luxe setting.

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Embedded in one of the largest sand deserts in the world (about two hours outside Abu Dhabi city), the is truly an oasis of luxury. Guests can enjoy stunning views of the undulating sand dunes from the treatment rooms. Or, those looking to escape the desert for water can focus on hydration in the tranquil garden courtyards with tricking fountains or in the Hammam healing baths.

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