The 20 Most Famous Museums In The World, According To Instagram

New York City, London, Los Angeles and Paris certainly host a slue of Instagram-happy museum-goers.


Visiting a museum is no longer as simple as taking a stroll through the galleries and then stopping by the gift shop — you also have to fit in time for that golden shot that will make its way to your Insta account. When you're surrounded by some of the most valuable and famous artifacts in the world, it'd be hard not to share with your followers.

According to Instagram data for 2016, New York City, London, Los Angeles and Paris museums officially supreme on the app based on the number of geo-tags this year — but they're not the only cities where people are gramming their museums.

Read on for the most-Instagrammed museums of the year.

1. , Paris, France

Even if you haven't been to the Louvre, you've definitely seen it scrolling through Instagram. It's the world's largest museum, and its glass pyramid is one of Europe's most recognizable landmarks.

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2. , New York

The nation's largest museum isn't just filled with some of the world's most valuable artwork, it's also full of plenty of photo-ops — from the grand steps at the entrance to the enchanting glass Temple of Dendur wing.

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3. (MoMA), New York

Where there is modern art, there will be art lovers Instagraming it. MoMA also happens to be one of the world's most influential modern art museums, so there's no better place to go to fill your feed.

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4. (LACMA), Los Angeles

Between the "Urban Light," the "Rain Room" and the "Penetrable" (also known as the hanging noodle exhibit), people flock to this iconic Los Angeles museum for the 'gram.

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5. , Los Angeles

This relatively new contemporary art museum has a sleek exterior and well-known "Under The Table" exhibit, where you can walk beneath a massive dining room table. In other words, don't forget your phone at home.

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6. , New York

In the after its 2014 opening alone, the memorial and museum saw more than one million visitors. This year marked 15 years since the 9/11 attacks.

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7. , New York

An entire hall full of enormous dinosaur fossils is definitely something you don't see every day. Translation: 'Gram it.

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8. , New York

Since the Whitney opened at its new West Village location next to in 2015, its bold and modern exterior has been a big draw for Instagrammers.

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9. , London, UK

The British Museum's Great Court, a two-acre courtyard with a mesmerizing patterned glass roof and a reading room, is no doubt what earned this museum ninth place on the list.

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10. , Chicago

The Art Institute is one of the nation's oldest museums, and its classical architecture and bronze lion statues have made it a favorite Chicago snapshot.

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11. , London, UK

Between its grand 19th-century architecture with arches and towers, and the large tree-lined and fairy light-adorned ice rink the museum sets up annually during the holiday season, there are plenty of reasons to be geotagging this one.

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12. , Paris, France

This loud, ultra-modern museum turns traditional building design inside out with visible piping and tubes. The result is anything but typical and oh-so-gram-worthy.

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13. , Paris, France

With a location right on the Seine and masterpieces by everyone from Monet to van Gogh, this one's a European classic begging for a photo op.

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14. , Philadelphia

It has beautiful grounds, a majestic fountain, and an entrance that evokes an ancient Greek temple. Need we say more?

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15. , St. Petersburg, Russia

There are seven riverside buildings that make up the Hermitage Museum, and each is more incredible than the last. The star of the show is the majestic and historic green Winter Palace, though, which served as the official royal residence until 1917.

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16. , London, UK

Head to the V&A because it's the world's largest design museum, but reach for your iPhone because there's a grassy oasis and oval pool (called the John Madejski Garden) that await within.

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17. , México, D.F.

There's a reason this one's called a palace: The white marble building is as breathtaking as the art it holds.

18. , Vatican City, Rome

It has some of the most important classical and renaissance art spanning centuries and the Sistine Chapel. If you're not Instagramming Michelangelo's masterpiece, you're doing 21st-century Vatican City wrong.

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19. , Los Angeles

The Getty's two campuses feature a tram, pristine gardens, vast views of the city and plenty of Los Angeles sunshine.

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20. , Bilbao, Spain

This curvy Frank Gehry-designed museum on the Nervión River is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in and of itself that you'd be hard-pressed to resist snapping.

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