white house christmas decorations 2017

Melania Trump

The White House Reveals Its Christmas Decor

There's a 350-pound gingerbread White House in the mix.

The Woman Behind The White House Easter Egg Roll
Her creativity and handicraft led to a job planning all of the White…
Melania Plans To Keep Michelle's Vegetable Garden

The White House garden is here to stay. *Phew.*

Melania Trump Hires White House Interior Designer
New York designer Tham Kannalikham will give 1600 Pennsylvania Avenu…
How President Trump Is Decorating The Oval Office

Yep, there's gold — but he's not the first to use it.

Melania Trump Has Made Slovenia A Tourist Hotspot

The once sleepy town of Ljubljana has turned into a lively city filled with restaurants, cafes and nightclubs packed with foreigners.

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So Maybe Melania Doesn't Have An Architecture Degree, After All?

The potential First Lady's website has been taken down after she claimed to graduate with a degree in design and architecture.


Поможем вам подобрать и блэкаут шторы купить по вашему желанию, недорого.