The Best Holiday Gifts for Clients

Wondering what to buy a favorite client for the holidays? Designers Registry members share their go-to gifts for exceptional clients

  1. "An out of print or vintage book – personalized for their own taste and interests. Or something perishable – yummy artisan chocolates or potpourri."

    -, Los Angeles CA

    1. "Hand-engraved pewter mint julep cups or Pappy Van Winkle bourbon."

      -Tommy Kute of in Louisville KY

      1. "Monogrammed linens or towels from Leontine and home accessories from Aedes de Venustas or Vivre."

        -Tricia Huntley of in Washington DC

        1. "A personal visit from my favorite massage specialist."

          -Anna Donahue of in Grand Rapids, Michigan

          1. "An Hermès tray"

            -Rayman Boozer of , New York, NY

            1. A generous donation to Habitat for Humanity."

              -Sheldon M. Harte of , Laguna Beach & San Francisco, CA

              1. "Wine. Olive Oil. Herbs. Magazine subscription."

                -Monica Perrone of in Oakdale, CA

                1. "The most fabulous fresh floral arrangement, overflowing with fresh blooms. Two people required to lift it. We're talking big!"

                  -Michael Herold of , New Hope PA

                  9. "A bottle of Veuve Clicquot and a beautiful orchid for the standard client. A cashmere throw for the exceptional client."

                  -Tracy Gould of in New York NY

                  10. "Time without my cell phone to talk and be together as simple friends. It is a luxury we delight in at the end of a project."

                  -Ann McDonald, , Orinda, California

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