Your Backyard Needs This Amazing Hammock-Rocking Chair

It's the perfect spot for "resting your eyes."

Behance/Shivani Gulati

Just as the weather's getting warmer, meet the best piece of outdoor furniture ever made: the . 


Created by three design students in just two weeks (!) for a school project, it's the ultimate relaxing spot you never knew you needed. Instead of the traditional side-to-side swing of a hammock, the woven sling moves back-and-forth. The resulting hybrid combines the best of both worlds — and puts your favorite armchair to shame. 


,  and , all students of in India, dreamt up and built the . They used three different types of weaves and a steel frame to create the portable cozy nook, and it looks like they had a lot of fun doing it. Fingers crossed they all get A's — or better yet, a job offer from IKEA. 


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