Here's How You Can Spend the Night at IKEA

You can live the dream, thanks to an Australian contest.

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After a long, tiring day of shopping at , don't you just wish you could just crash on one of their comfy-looking beds? Now you can – if you live in Australia.

IKEA and Airbnb have teamed up for a promotional contest where die-hards can enter to win a one-night stay in Tempe, located right outside of Sydney. Three IKEA setups are posted on Airbnb like typical apartment listings, promising , , or .

To win, just "book" the room on Airbnb, and then argue in 25 words why you and your family deserve to win. You have to agree to be interviewed by the media – and to be "woken in the morning in a remarkable way. Nothing frightening – we promise!" You also have to be free on August 31, since that's the only day these "rooms" will be available, and pay a small Airbnb fee.

According to the , winners get to take home the bedsheets and linens they used during their stay, but won't be able to keep anything else. During their stay, the lucky guests get home décor lessons, their kids will get to play games, and everyone gets a big dinner. (We're sure Swedish meatballs are involved.)

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