IKEA Furniture Is Getting Futuristic With The PS 2017 Collection

Its newest collection focuses on experimentation with materials, sustainability and even food.

ikea ps collection chairs
Courtesy of IKEA

Come spring 2017, a trip to may feel like a trip to the future.

Don't worry, the Swedish furniture manufacturer's staples will still be the foundation of their offerings, but you'll also find the company's newest PS Collection, a series of experimental products released every few years and intended to add interest and energy to the stores. This one may just be the most experimental, and tasty, yet. (We'll explain.) 

In 2012, the PS Collection involved remixed designs from IKEA's past, and in 2014, it showcased pieces from design world stars like and , reports . But the , designed with young urban dwellers in mind, focuses not on the past or present of furniture, but on what the future of design will bring (cue "Back To The Future" ).  

The collection explores sustainable new materials and techniques in 60 new products that center around the theme of "experimentation." Products are space-efficient for the city crowd — think jackets that double as blankets, arm chairs that can be converted into a love seat and folding stools — and are designed to give IKEA a bit of eco-friendly cred.

Many of the collection's items are made completely from recycled materials, reports . Take, for example, vases made with defective glass or furniture made from PET plastic bottles. Even plastic film used in packaging the company's goods has reportedly been transformed into desk pads, according to . 

Other items are made with innovative techniques, such as (this was developed by the footwear industry, but has more recently been adopted by high-end furniture companies, reports Co.Design). 

ikea ps collection vases
Courtesy of IKEA

Plus, big news for IKEA-lovers who want to give Scandinavian food a try: The collection will be topped off with what the company calls "comfortable food items." This will include spice mixes, grains and healthy drinks to quickly create a Scandinavian dish. We thought this day would never come. 

The collection is set to launch in the United States in February 2017. Check out prototypes from the line below. 

ikea ps collection rocking chair
Courtesy of IKEA

ikea ps collection shelf
Courtesy of IKEA

ikea ps collection stool
Courtesy of IKEA

ikea ps collection lamp
Courtesy of IKEA

ikea ps collection food
Courtesy of IKEA

ikea ps collection spices
Courtesy of IKEA


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