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We’re smitten with the latest hassle-free technologies that make running a household easier. The best part? They're totally within your reach. These clever upgrades automate daily chores and eliminate worries so you can play more —and even better, we've hand picked beautiful pieces of furniture to complement each. Check out our favorite smart (and stunning) solutions.

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For the Yard
smart sprinklers and outdoor seating
Green Electronics LLC+ courtesy of the brand

Because first impressions are everything, give your front lawn some tech-aided TLC. An automated Environmental Protection Agency-approved RainMachine eliminates the daily headache of watering the yard with its smart sprinkler system. It automatically adjusts based on the weather, so you never have to worry about over- or under-watering again. Add chic outdoor seating and call it a day.

For the Front Door
August Smart Lock and lighting
August Home LLC + Circa Lighting

House keys are so last year. Upgrade your entrance by turning your smartphone into a virtual doorman with an August Smart Lock. Remotely lock or unlock your front door, or tell Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant to do it for you. Complete the grand entrance with an elegant lantern in the foyer.

For the Living Room
Samsung QLED

Transforming your family room with a single piece of tech is simple: An innovative and beautifully designed curved 4K TV like the latest model from is a sophisticated modern home essential that doubles as a work of art. Hence the stylish stand, also from Samsung's QLED line, that blends the TV into any room and features Invisible Connection, a transparent optical cable that eliminates distracting wires for good.

For the Dining Room
Insteon Dimmer Plug-in and Hub
Courtesy of Insteon + Hickory Chair Furniture Co.

You’ve set a gorgeous table and the guests have arrived — now it's time to get the mood lighting just right. Cue your favorite virtual assistant using the Insteon Dimmer Plug-in and Hub Starter Kit to do the work for you.

For Fido
Petnet feeder
Courtesy of the brands

Petnet's feeder hooks up to your smartphone, so you can dispense just the right amount of kibble based on your pup's age, weight and activity. It’ll also order more food for you when you're running low. A pet- and kid-friendly mat in the mudroom will make it look a bit more polished.

For the Bedroom
Coway mattress
Courtesy of the brands

Sleep well with Coway’s triple hitter mattress: It eliminates air pollutants, allows you to set the air flow and delivers sound therapy for a perfect nights' sleep. Top it with Matouk’s h bedding and you’re destined for sweet dreams.

For the Nursery
Roost Smart Smoke alarm system
Courtesy of Roost + Duc Duc NYC

Safety is a major priority. The Roost Smart Smoke alarm system is enabled to work with your iPhone to alert you if it's in need of a battery change or if it's activated while you're away from the house.

For the Den
Seaboard Block wireless keyboard
Courtesy of ROLI + Ballard Designs

Show off your musical abilities with ROLI’s Seaboard Block wireless keyboard. Featuring 5D technology and 24 keywave, this modern instrument is used by professional musicians, so you know good vibes are in store. Coupled with a coffee table from Miles Redd’s new line at Ballard? It’s showtime.

For the Backyard
UMA Sound Lantern
Courtesy of the brands

Whether it’s poolside, porchside or by the grill, your backyard's mission to help you and your guests kick back. The ultra-chic UMA Sound Lantern uses soft LED lights to illuminate outdoor spaces and features high fidelity surround sound. Pair it with a brand new bar cart to get the party started.

For the Whole House
3rd generation Nest
Courtesy of Nest + Century Furniture

Clunky thermostats were one of the first casualties of the smart home era. The 3rd generation Nest learns your coming-and-going patterns and regulates the temperature around the house based on your habits. You can even adjust the screen to show the time—ideal for the days when you get lost in work (at a sophisticated wooden desk, no less).

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