The Top 25 Pieces Of Luggage On The Market Right Now

From over-packers to last-minute flyers, we've got you covered.

best luggage
Arlo Skye

Suitcases are often an afterthought (and a built-in part of our travel packing list), yet they can make-or-break a vacation. If you don't have enough room to fit every single *look* or you randomly lose a wheel at the airport, there are few ways to bounce back (sans a cocktail and a good public cry session). Prevent such travel faux pas by investing in a piece of luggage that was practically designed for your travel style, whether you're a major over-packer or more of a last-minute jet-setter. Trust us, these 25 suitcases are some of the best on the market right now.

best luggage
Urban Outfitters
For: The (Stylish) Overpacker

$265, Astyll 2-Piece Luggage Set, CALPAK

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best luggage
For: The Long Weekend Traveler

$595, International 21" Carry-On Suitcase, TUMI

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best luggage
For: The Precise Packer

$550, Bellagio 21" Carry-On Spinner Suitcase, Bric's

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best luggage
For: The Footwear Fiend

$3,980, GG Supreme Large Suitcase, Gucci

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best luggage
Arlo Skye
For: The Last-Minute Trip Extender

$395, The Check-In, Arlo Skye x Sight Unseen

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best luggage
For: The 'Lives Out Of A Suitcase' Traveler

$1,150, Multiwheel Electronic Tag Suitcase In Jet Green, Rimowa

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best luggage
Henri Bendel
For: The Packing Minimalist

$698, West 57th 360 Wheelie, Henri Bendel

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best luggage
For: The Over-Prepared Traveler

$295, The Large In Sand, Away

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best luggage
Louis Vuitton
For: The Fashion Capital Frequenter

$3,800, Pégase Légère 55, Louis Vuitton

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best luggage
Arlo Skye
For: The On-A-Whim Jetsetter

$550, The Carry-On In Champagne, Arlo Skye

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best luggage
For: The Pack-And-Go Girl

$400, Bastille Lite 29 In. Trolley, Delsey

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best luggage
For: The Souvenir Hoarder

$1,030, Tegra-Lite Max Large Trip Expandable Packing Case, Tumi

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best luggage
For: The Glam Weekender

$295, A22 Carry, Raden

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best luggage
For: The Seasoned Flyer

$1,885, Centenary 26" Trolley

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best luggage
Kate Spade
For: The Stylish Staycationer

$700, Stowaway Case, Kate Spade

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best luggage
Ted Baker
For: The Over The Pond Frequenter

$395, Trolley Packing Case, Ted Baker

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best luggage
Brunello Cucinelli
For: The Airport Style Savant

$5,195, Leather & Wool-Cashmere Trolley Suitcase, Brunello Cucinelli

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best luggage
Steamline Luggage
For: The Global Adventurer

$875, The Correspondent Orange Spinner, Steamline Luggage

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best luggage
For: The Five-Star Flyer

$785, Wheeled Suitcase, Porsche Design

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best luggage
For: The Hyper-Organized Packer

$550, Ratio Classic Deluxe 20 Inch. Global Carry-On, Hartmann

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best luggage
For: The Airport Sprinter

$350, Capri 27" Spinner Suitcase, Bric's

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best luggage
For: The Type-A Traveler

$285, Ambeur 2-Piece Spinner Luggage Set, CALPAK

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best luggage
For: The Fashion Week Hopper

$5,490, Gucci Signature Suitcase

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best luggage
Incase Designs
For: The Practical Flyer

$399.95, VIA 28 Inch Wheeled Suitcase, Incase Designs

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best luggage
For: The Longterm Luggage Investor

$319.99, Freeform HS Spinner In White, Samsonite

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