Trend Alert: The Most High-Tech Comforters And Sheets To Keep You Cool, Chic, And Comfortable

You’ll sleep like a baby — a very glamorous baby.

luxury comforters set

These start-ups are crafting top sheets and comforters that can do a lot more than just keep us warm. So, don’t snooze; here are three of the best options to get in on the tech and the trends.

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luxury comforter sets
Best Look: Flaneur

Flaneur’s ability to match your bedding to any color you want is, well, unmatched. All of their luxury products also undergo DNA testing to ensure only 100% extra long staple Supima cotton gets woven into the sheets, guaranteeing uniform color saturation — without annoying pilling.

Duvet cover in "pink champagne," $360 - $400

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luxury comforter set
Best Tech: Buffy

A highly engineered comforter, this option keeps you cool, environmentally conscious, and cruelty-free. It’s a scientific feat at a mid-line price; the interior stuffing is made up of recycled water bottles, and the fabric is composed of eucalyptus fibers coated in volcanic minerals for a light and breathable feel.

The Buffy Comforter, $120 - $150

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Best User-Friendly Design: Casper

The company that took the pain out of buying mattresses also streamlined the rest of your bedding situation. Reviewers love the grippy elastic, snaps, flaps, and tags to help you put the temperature-regulating bedding on correctly the first time (and have it actually stay in place).

The Casper Sheets standard set, $100 - $170

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luxury comforter sets
Best Feel: Parachute

This was one of the first companies to mimic the look and feel of luxury hotel bedding at a more accessible price point. Attractive sheets available in percale and sateen made up of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton and linen made from pure European flax without the use of chemicals or synthetics.

Linen Venice Set, $399 - $439

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luxury comforter sets
Boll & Branch
Best Responsibly-Made Products: Boll & Branch

The first bedding brand to earn Fair Trade USA certification, this company proves responsibly-made organic sheets doesn’t have to mean scratchy and stiff. The brand sells a wide range of goods with a high-quality luxury look and feel — but no guilt or luxury price tag.

Sateen Stripe Set, $210 - $305

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